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Describe The Different Aspects Of Chilhood Through The 3 Poems("Piano", "My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough", "Half Past Two")

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Introducing the themeThe poems that deal with childhood reflect in a stylish way how children feel towards matters and experiences in their first stages of life. the poets in this section shows us what their actual life and translate it to the reader how they feel about whatsoever experience or moments they lived and left a deep impact and many souls.Now I'm going to discuss the three poems dealing with the idea of childhood and how each poet has a different view despite the similarities and differences we find in the theme. Now these poems shows us from a different point of view and its general view from every character as we see the poets describe situation or part of there life that's likely to be a part of their life , every one of them feels ,senses and remembers his days when he was a child having a mother and a father but there are differences between the three poets concerning their feelings of as I was reading the three poems I came across different emotions of nostalgic as in piano by Lawrence and indignation as in half past two fanthorpe or bitterness and oppression in "my parents kept me from children who rough" by Stephen spender.'Half Past Two' is a poem in which Fanthorpe describes how a young child is given a detention for an unspecified misdemeanor and is forgotten by his teacher. Fanthorpe draws on her experience as a teacher to describe the scene as seen through the child's eyes.The Title of the poem tells me a lot of information even before I read the poem. The information it puts across is that: A boy is told to stay behind until 'Half Past Two' but this has no-meaning to him because he has no concept of 'time'. The boy can't tell the time but yet he divides the day up into familiar, recognizable units, as in 'schooltime', 'lunchtime', 'hometime'."Half Past Two" uses a lot of different tones, tones such as: angry, bitter, Innocent, Dream Like!In the first stanza Fanthorpe includes the first of his markers of the day which the boy recognizes as a time in the day. This is set out as a 'compound word': 'Schooltime'. Whereas the words "(I forgot what it was)" and the use of parenthesis (brackets) show that it so not at a big mistake as he forget it all that important to the boy. The use of the capital letters in" something very wrong" shows the emphasis the teacher gives to the offence made by the child as well as to the chills own intensified sense of guilt for committing this crime. The angry way in which the teacher pronounced these words made the child's imagination magnify the mistake and its consequences. these second line shows mostly the point of view of the teacher concerning the offence made by the boy , while the third line gives the point of view of the narrator, which is distinguished through the use of brackets. Fanthorpe includes the firstIn the second stanza, Fanthorpe uses the use of capital letters to give the teacher a God- Like status "She" in the boys eyes. Also the use of repetition, of 'something Very...

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