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Describe The Dramatic Effect Of Enobarbus As A Character Focussing On Two Or Three Scenes Of Your Choice.

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One of the main ways of creating a sense of drama in a play is through conflict. Conflict is interesting to an audience because it shows a person acting on their raw emotions rather than remaining restrained and reserved as society now demands. One of the main characters Shakespeare uses to highlight the conflict between Rome and Egypt, is Enobarbus. Shakespeare creates a character that doesn't use physical violence to express his opinions, but uses sarcasm and wit.The first time the audience properly sees Enobarbus as a character is in Act 1 Scene 2. This is a classic example of how Enobarbus uses sarcasm to make his point subtly. For example, he says, "I do think there is mettle in death which commits some loving act upon her, she hath such a celerity in dying." Throughout this expression of his opinion of Cleopatra, the audience begins to understand the conflicting worlds that are Rome and Egypt. Another example would be, "O, sir, you had then left unseen a wonderful piece of work." His character captures the sense of drama and falseness about Cleopatra while Antony reiterates the strong Roman work ethic. This, again, holds the two worlds up for comparison and highlights the conflict for the audience. It is in this way that he creates a dramatic effect in this scene.The second scene in which Enobarbus has a dramatic effect is Act 4, Scene 6. Here the audience sees how Enobarbus, Antony's most loyal follower, regrets abandoning his leader. The fact that Enobarbus does abandon Antony is a dramatic event in itself as the audience has seen Enobarbus as one of Antony's most loyal servants. In being abandoned by all his followers, this begins Antony's downward spiral leading to his eventual suicide. Through his abandonment the audience begins to understand that it is not Cleopatra, or Antony's fate that has led him to his own destruction, but it is his own character. Again Shakespeare uses Enobarbus to highlight this as Antony has basically forced Enobarbus away through his poor decisions and weakening leadership. The audience sees Enobarbus' guilt when he says, "I am alone the villain of the earth and feel I am so most." This guilt shows the audience that Enobarbus didn't truly wish to abandon Antony, but...

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