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Describe The Evidence That Exists To Show Both Positive And Negative Sea Level Change? (13)

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There is much evidence that exists to suggest both positive and negative sea level change, geographical features such as rias, fjords, raised beaches and other features of emergence all are key evidence in exploring sea level change in historic times.Ria is a Spanish word that means river mouth, and is used as a geographical term because of the many examples of rias on the coast of Galicia e.g. Ria de Pontevedra. They are formed by the drowning of lower reaches of a river and its tributaries. This occurred during the Holocene period, where many coastlines developed ria systems. They tend to form mainly where the geological trend is at a right angle to the shoreline. In the British Isles we can see some evidence of rias in Pembrokeshire, where all the rivers drain into Milford haven. Rias give evidence for an overall negative sea level change, probably most likely to Isostatic recovery, i.e. the retreat of ice sheets taking pressure back off the land and the land therefore bouncing back, causing an overall fall in sea level.Fjords are similar to rias but rather than come from drained V-Shaped river valleys they come from the more characteristically U-shaped glacial valley. They are mainly formed during the Holocene Transgression or Flandrian transgression where there was a rapid sea level rise. Fjords have steep sides and flat bottoms that contain very shallow water. Fjord coastlines tend to be best developed along high latitude coastlines where glaciation was most effective. For example the Norwegian coastline is the most fjord indented in the...

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