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Describe The Importance Of Ethical Teachings In The Life Of Adherents

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RevelationRevelation is the transmission of knowledge from the divine to the human. It is knowledge given by God to human beings about people, events and things previously hidden or only partly known.Includes biblical revelations and revelations evident throughout the whole of human history.Christians believe that revelations are not only God's self-communication to human beings, but also a loving and utterly free invitation to join in friendship with God.God's self-revelation is utterly centred on Jesus Christ yet this does not neglect the essential roles of the father and of the Holy Spirit.God's fullest revelation takes place through the words, deeds and events associated with the person of Christ.Revelation continues to happen as God continues to speak throughout human history- through its historical events, through Christianity, through world religions, through all the joys, hopes and frustrations of the entire world.God is only source of revelationGod is intimately involved with all aspects of human life and thus God is revealed to humankind in and through the experiences of human history.Understood to be an ongoing process.Revelation takes place through a number of vehicles.One vehicle is God's Spirit that dwells within human beings which enlivens the faith of Christians by bringing them a knowledge of GodThe Nature of God and the TrinityThe Doctrine of the trinity states that God is one existing as three people- Father, son and Holy SpiritBelief in trinity is a central tenet of ChristianityGod's promise of salvation has fulfilled through life, death and resurrection of JesusGod the father is revealed in Hebrew scripturesSon revealed in Christian scripturesSpirit revealed in ChurchDivine essence is common to all three; however have attributes/ properties which distinguish them.Death and resurrection of JesusChristians have traditionally believed that Jesus died for our sinsAppreciating the importance of the death of Jesus areSeeing death of Jesus as evidence of unconditional love of GodSeeing Jesus's selflessness as a model of discipleshipFundamental Christian belief in the resurrection is evident in Nicene CreedJesus resurrection and ascension are depicted differently in Gospels and stress the importance of resurrectionSalvationIt is the belief that human beings require deliverance by God from the power of sin and darkness.It is also the process or way in which human beings are saved or brought to fullness of life in God.Has three main featuresThe initial fruits of salvation may be experienced now in this present life, but its full realisation is delayed until the afterlife. Only in heaven in the presents of God will a human's deepest desires for love, peace and justice be completely fulfilled.It is only through the grace of God that humans can attain salvation.Jesus Christ is...

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