Describe The Lewis And Clark Expedition. What Were The Problems Encountered? How Did Lewis And Clark Prepare For It? What Were The Results Of The Expedition?

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THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITIONThe Lewis and Clark Expedition was a result of the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson, the president of the United States in the early 1800s, bought this territory from the French in 1803. It was a huge piece of land that Jefferson wanted to get explored. Thus he planned the first exploration by the United States government of the Northwestern Wilderness. To lead this expedition into the wilderness, Jefferson appointed Meriwether Lewis, who was his personal secretary. Lewis picked William Clark as his co-leader for the expedition, which came to be known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This expedition lasted from May 1804 to September 1806.Thomas Jefferson had many expectations from Lewis and Clark, which he expected to be fulfilled by the end of this expedition. The main one was to seek and pursue the shortest route from the Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. Other expectations included finding out the new territory's geographical features such as the type of soil, the type of weather, and the length and location of its waterways. He even wanted Lewis and Clark to find out information about the Indian tribes out in the wilderness. For the scientific part, Jefferson told them to write reports on the plant and animal life in the Louisiana Territory. For future development, they were told to look for possible sites for forts and trading posts and to find out the territory's suitability for human settlement and economic and agricultural growth. To maintain all the information they collected and the things they saw, Lewis and Clark were told to keep a journal in which everything seen should be written down, complete with sketches and detailed descriptions. These were tough requirements that were to be fulfilled and Lewis and Clark had to prepare themselves well for the expedition.Reading books on various topics was the main thing Lewis and Clark did to be well prepared for the expeditions. They read books on botany, medicine, natural history, navigation, astronomy, geology, mineralogy, foreign relations, Native American affairs, cartography and meteorology. At the same time, to be able to use the knowledge they had attained from reading these books, they had to purchase a lot of equipment, and they did. This included artificial horizons, quadrants, sextants, compasses, most modern and astronomical equipment, tents, cooking utensils, and such tools as hammers and nails.Now they were prepared to start the expedition, and in May 1804, they left the Mississippi River town of St. Louis. The explorers first headed up the Missouri River. By winter, the expedition had crossed more than 1000 miles of wilderness. The explorers camped for the winter of 1804-1805 near an Indian village. There, they hired a French Canadian fur trader, Toussaint Charbonneau to serve as an interpreter. Charbonneau's wife Sacajawea, a Shoshoni Indian woman, also joined the explorers and agreed to help guide the expedition. When spring arrived, they...

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1183 words - 5 pages Fort Randall Dam. A live prairie dog was among the animals sent in a report to President Jefferson from Fort Mandan in 1805. Lewis noted the pestilence of mosquitoes in many of his journal entries, he used 26 different ways to spell the word mosquito, never once did he get it right. Clark wrote about how he could stand on a hill on the Great Plains and see over ten thousand buffalo which he described as, “A staggering site”. On their expedition

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1033 words - 4 pages northwest corner of Iowa, still marks the last resting-place of Sergeant Charles Floyd, who died there of bilious colic and was buried by his friends near the mouth of the stream.After two months of journeying up the river, the party reached the junction between the Missouri and the Platte. At this point, it was time to decide on where to build the spot for their winter quarters, so Lewis and Clark held councils with the chiefs of the tribes who

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849 words - 3 pages 1801Having tried three times before to send expeditions across the continent, President Thomas Jefferson decided to try once more.Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to become his personal secretary and help plan for the expedition of the west.1803Spring:Lewis was chosen as the commander of this expedition of the west and was sent to Philadelphia for instructions on what to look for and how to record his information and findings. Lewis has also

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1168 words - 5 pages period. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are the two men that are greatly known for their expedition across the Louisiana Territory. These two subjects, the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, altered our nation immeasurably. The Louisiana Purchase came as a surprise that neither Thomas Jefferson nor anyone else had ever dreamed of. It began with Thomas Jefferson sending two men, James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston, to Paris

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773 words - 3 pages Native AmericansThe Lewis and Clark Expedition set out with several goals when they left the St. Louis area in 1804. One of the many goals was to carry out diplomacy and gather information about the various tribes of American Indians encountered on their journey. Though Lewis and Clark were the first American's to see what would later grow into the western United States, the same lands had been long inhabited by Native Americans. During their

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2290 words - 9 pages their arrival home. The Corps of Discovery were honored with parties, ceremonies, and balls. Captain Meriwether Lewis led an unsuccessful life after the expedition. Never marrying, Lewis entered into politics as the governor of the Upper Louisiana Territory; however, politics did not suit Lewis well. Lewis died of a gunshot wound in Tennessee. It is believed that he committed suicide. Captain William Clark became the militia

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5928 words - 24 pages indirectly produced a relationship with the Indians that expanded the United States commercially through the fur trade. The fur market was a very profitable market because in England, popular hats were made out of felt.13 On April 25, 1805, Lewis and Clark encountered the future location of Fort Union, the major western trading post for fur.14 On April 27, Captain Meriwether Lewis wrote that the spot where they were camped, which is located in

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1437 words - 6 pages and Clark became fast friends. When Lewis was in Philadelphia he received a letter from President Jefferson with detailed instructions for the expedition to explore the western terrain. Clark would be assisting him. Richard and his wife prepare for their expedition in Philadelphia, as Lewis did, and they visited the library of the American Philosophical Society. The librarian suggested that if they wanted to follow in the exact footsteps

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1273 words - 5 pages with what they received, items such as leggings, handkerchiefs and knives. They crossed the mountains and made it to the coast. The Indians on the coast were a bit different then those the party had come across previously. They did not settle for small trinkets or inferior items. One of the examples being that Lewis needed a canoe for the return trip. He had to give up his uniform laced coat and nearly half a carrot of tobacco, they would

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2336 words - 9 pages the Native Americans including Sacagawea and York. He was considered an important figure in the expedition and like many others, his fate is unclear. Clark took York with him in 1804.The expedition by Lewis and Clark was critical for America. This is because it enabled the westward expansion to be completed. Lewis and Clark were successful in this venture, but with the help of the Native Americans. Sacagawea and York were established to have played

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647 words - 3 pages line of trade with Indians. Lewis and his co-commander William Clark set out in the spring of 1804.Lewis and Clarks first encounter was with the Mandan Indians, in what is now the state ofNorth Dakota, while traveling up the Missouri River. With winter starting Lewis and Clarkdecided to stay among the Mandan's. The Mandan's were Native Americans who did notstray from the planes to hunt like many other tribes. The Mandan chose to stay on

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1346 words - 6 pages Native Americans tribes were very suspicious and untrusting to these foreigners of their land. One thing that did not help Lewis and Clark out was that they were not very understanding of the different cultures. This is what got them in trouble most of the time. Luckily, the Native Americans were very willing to drop an argument for some tobacco. (2. Delms) (4. " lewis & clark expedition --reading 1.") As I look at just a few of the hardships

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1626 words - 7 pages hunters were selected for the expedition. Lewis estimated this journey would last at least two years. Finally on May 14, 1804 the expedition began. They slowly made their way up river with their crew spread out on three boats at the start of this expedition. On slow days they covered four miles and on a good day they covered up to twenty miles. On an average it was about ten miles covered a day. The two captains divided their duties. Clark

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1125 words - 5 pages The Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-1806 provided the country with its first western heroes and revealed a land so bounteous and alluring that nature itself appeared to have smiled upon the American republic. In 1803, the year of the Louisiana Purchase, the United States was a strong, confident nation with a population of six million. Americans were building canals, bridges, factories, and highways and experimenting with steamboats and gas

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1220 words - 5 pages time Lewis and Clark were setting up camp for the winter in Fort Mandan and had hired her husband as a translator. They later learned that Sacagawea spoke Shoshone and Hidasta, so they then asked her to join them, and she gladly accepted. “The soil as you leave the heights of the mountains becomes gradually more fertile. the land through which we passed this evening is of an excellent quality tho very broken, it is a dark grey soil” (quotes