Describe The Principles And Stages Of All Aspects Of Children's Growth And Development From 1 8 Years. Including Physical Aspects Of Growth And Development From Head To Toe.

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There are five key areas of child development. They are so closely linked that a difficulty in one area tends to affect the others. For example, a child who has difficulty in communicating may find it difficult to socialise with other children. The five key areas are social development, cognitive development, emotional development, language development and physical development.Social and Emotional Development1-3 yearsDuring this time, children learn more social skills. They are able to play with their primary carers and are comfortable with other familiar adults. They start to explore their environment but need the reassurance that their primary carer is nearby. Children often start to notice other children and become able to play alongside them. They are also very dependent on their primary carer. They will protest and cry if their primary carer leaves them and it is important that they are left with someone who is familiar to them. Though they are still dependent, they also start to realise, at this age, that they are individuals, and can recognise and begin to use their own names from 1 year old.At 15 months they begin to explore their environment if a familiar adult is close by and can begin to use words to communicate effectively with them. They will also gain a stronger feeling of being an individual.At 18 months their language increases and they are able to point to objects to show familiar adults and explore the environment in more depth. They begin to show some independence but still need familiar adults around them. Strong emotions e.g. anger, fear and joy are shown.At 2 years children will play near other children, this is called 'parallel play'. They begin to talk while playing (pretend play) and imitate adults' actions.From 2-3 children are keenly aware of what they want to do, although they become easily frustrated because their own physical and language skills are not developed enough to meet these desires. As their emotions are just starting to develop they find it difficult to understand why they cannot have what they see, because they lack the concept of ownership or objects being unsafe. Frustration is often vented through temper tantrums or inconsolable crying, which gradually lessens as children develop more language and physical skills.During the later stages of 1-3 year olds, children move out of nappies and become more accustomed to using the toilet/potty responsibly. They have a strong sense of their identity, including their gender and age and are happy to leave their primary carer for a short space of time. They will start to take interest in other children and want to play with them, and will also show concern for other children e.g. telling a primary carer if a baby is crying. They will not expect everything to be done immediately, and will start to wait for their needs to be met.3-5 yearsChildren become more settled at this age, and most are happy to leave their primary carers and socialise with other adults and...

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