Describe The Way In Which Personality And Identity Develop And Explain The Role Of Nature And Nurture In The Process.

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There are some traits that we all possess to some extent, such as caring, kindness, helpfulness or leadership.However different they may be in other respects, most personality theories share the basic assumption that personality is something that 'belongs' to the individual:' the appropriate unit of analysis for personality is the person' (Hampson, 1995) (1) To the extent that each of us 'has' a personality that's stable and relatively permanent, our behaviour will be consistent from one situation to another.The self is an organised, consistent set of perceptions and beliefs about oneself. It includes a persons awareness of 'what they are and what they can do' and influences both their perception of the world and their behaviour. We evaluate every experience in terms of self, and most human behaviour can be understood as an attempt to maintain consistency between our self-image and our actions, however this consistency isn't always achieved and our self-image (and related self-esteem) may differ quite radically from our actual behaviour and from how others see us. For example, a person may be highly successful and respected by others and yet regard him or herself as a failure! This illustrates what rogers calls incongruence. Because incongruent experiences, feelings, actions and so on conflict with our (conscious) self-image.Carl Rogers believed that our personality and identity develops according to how other people treat and regard us. Our identity is an ongoing process and we are moving towards being a fully functioning person or our true organismic self . (2) A newborn baby has no sense of identity but relies on instincts to get what he needs from others for his development, as the childs develops he becomes aware more quickly of the importance of love and approval from others. This will affect his identity development as if he is allowed to respond to situations in a positive way and allowed to express feelings freely he will feel loved and accepted. If however he received disapproval for expressing his feelings of sadness or anger he will suppress them i.e. big boys don't cry he mat therefore in later life fid it hard to shoe emotion as he will not want to feel weak or unloved.As the child develops into adolescence this is probably the most important stage as the feeling of needing to be accepted is at its strongest especially amongst their peer group.The individual may become aware of their sexual identity and of having to make decisions about their careers etc, if they are helped through this decision with love and acceptance from family, teachers etc they will develop positively. If one of their decisions is met with a negative respond this could affect their identity and future i.e. if a young boy decided he wanted to be a hairdresser and was told that all hairdressers were gay he may decide not to continue with that career choice and go on to choose a career that was acceptable.As the individual develops into an adult...

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