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Describe Your Professional Life Essay

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Being from Venezuela, a country that is now going through a dictatorial regime that controls almost all media outlets, made me realize the importance of freedom of speech and free media. For this reason I decided to pursue a major in Broadcast Journalism in The Pennsylvania State University. By my second semester in school, I knew I wanted to complement my Journalism degree with another major, a field that could be, in the future, my topic of specialization for all my stories. Economics grabbed my attention from the first ECON class I attended; I noted this area of study was very broad and influential for most of the stories that were heading the news every day. I also felt a strong interest ...view middle of the document...

All of my internships were interesting and fulfilling, but from all of them, I personally enjoyed the most my time at BBC Worldwide Channels. Working at the Marketing and Communications Department at BBC Worldwide Channels allowed me to experience what was it like to work for a network. Even though I worked in in the headquarters for the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets, the team was relatively small (around 20 people), and this gave me the opportunity to get involved not only with my department but also with other departments such as Programming, Finance and Sales. I also had the opportunity to work directly with the Vice President of the offices and be part of the team that put together the report that was presented annually to the main BBC office in the United Kingdom.
Analyzing the market reach for the BBC Worldwide Channels in Latin America was among my duties for this project, I also sat around and listened to the meetings of which channel or program should be launched next in each country based on viewership information and other relevant statistics. This was a side of the entertainment industry I had never thought of before and that I really enjoyed discovering. It involved a business aspect and an investment analysis side I didn’t experience by working as a broadcast journalist or in PR agencies, however it was still related to my passion for communications and entertainment in the TV industry.
After looking back to all past professionals experiences and taking into account all of my interests and goals, I reached the conclusion that working for the corporate side of a network was what fulfilled me the most. This is why I...

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