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Describe Your Beliefs About The Euro, Both Positive And Negative.

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Euro. We need to change.Every time that someone in Politics seems to mention the topic of the Euro, all the controversial arguments begin. Some people believe that we should never change to the single currency, others think we should wait. However, other people think that changing to the Euro will be beneficial to all and that the issue should be addressed. I am one of those people. It is my firm belief that the UK should join the Euro. Therefore, throughout this essay, I will highlight the reasons why the Euro should be introduced.Firstly, I should explain exactly what the Euro is. In today's society, Britain is part of the European Union. This is a group of countries in Western Europe who have signed a treaty to create a Union of Countries (sometimes referred to as States). There fundamental goal is to create an even closer union among the peoples of Europe. They share common laws and work closely together. This is why a single currency, known as the Euro, was introduced. In January 2002, notes and coins were introduced into the member euro states. These consisted of 12 out of 15 of the member states. The United Kingdom was one of the countries that opted out of the change over. Britain seems to consider itself as part of the EU but is not incredibly reliable when it comes to changes, or agreeing to new laws.Now that the Euro has been introduced to different countries, Britain can step back and look at the result. The Labour Party seem to have a clear idea of which direction they would like to head in regards to the Euro. They set up "The Five Tests" which is basically five conditions that the Euro must comply with before Britain decides to join. It is likely that a referendum will be held to find out that the British Public think of this issue.One main reason for joining the Euro is that it will benefit the consumer. Is this day and age, commerce would not exist if there weren't consumers, so these have to be the most important people. The term "Rip-off Britain" will probably be known by most people. This is where companies price discriminate. Joining a single market, like the EU, hopefully stops stock prices differing immensely between states. However, if a country will not join a single currency, then the 'evening' out process isn't very successful. If Britain were to join the Euro, then the price differentials across the borders would hopefully be eliminated or force companies to justify them to the consumers. Already, statistics have shown a reduction in costs to the consumer.However, others believe that total harmonisation will not occur. It would have to be a miracle if it did, but reducing the costs to consumers is more important. The sceptics think that people will take advantage of the change over, by confusing people over prices and then make prices dearer. Cases of this have already been exposed, but now that the Euro is in operation, less and less of this seems to be happening.In addition to the Euro benefiting the consumer, a...

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