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Describes How The "Look And Feel" Differs For The Three Web Sites. Evaluate The Ease Of Navigation Of Each Web Site.

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Evaluation of Sporting Goods WebsitesMany sporting goods companies are using web sites and electronic commerce to augment the sales of their bricks and mortar operations. These web sites often carry a greater range of inventory than can be found in any individual store. These sites also include the latest up-to-date information on the products and services available. Much like the physical store, these web sites are broken up into categories matching the major types of sporting goods found in each department of the store. This paper examines three sporting goods companies; Dick's Sporting Goods Inc., the Sports Authority, Inc., and The Bass Pro Shops. Correct this properly designed sporting goods web site can encourage prospective customers to make the same purchases they would make in the bricks and mortar store. While the three sporting goods organizations deal with the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues conducting e-business transactions on the web, what type of impact on the business is a reflection of the ease of navigating the site, along with how the perception of the product is marketed to the consumer.Business Industry ExplanationThe three organizations reviewed in this paper, Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc., the Sports Authority, Inc., and Bass Pro Shops, are part of the sporting goods store industry category. The Standard Industry Code for sporting goods stores - retail is 5941. Sporting goods stores carry a plethora of goods related to most sports. These include golf, tennis, running, baseball, football, basketball, and all the outdoor activities. The Sports Authority and Bass Pro Shop are privately owned companies with only Dick's Sporting Goods publicly traded. Dick's Sporting Goods leads the publicly traded companies with $3.1 billion in revenues. The following industry statistics (yahoo) provides an overview of the sporting goods stores industry:Market Capitalization$ 6.0 BillionPrice / Earnings25.9Net Profit Margin3.1%Return on Equity12.6%Total Debt / Equity0.4Dividend Yield1.3%Dick's Sporting GoodsThe choice of an athletes' sporting equipment, whether an amateur or weekend duffer, can easily be found while searching at www.dick' Prominently displayed upon entering the website is the statement "Every Season Starts at DICK'S sporting Goods." (Dick's Sporting Goods, 2007). The web site contains any item necessary for use in a sporting event or exercise program. While shopping on the web site, one can choose a link on the header or type in the sport to find the item. Dick's Sporting Goods features all major brands of equipment while offering free shipping on certain items.An investor relations link is included to view the company's performance and history, as a member of the New York Stock Exchange. Along with the ecommerce and catalog sites, Dick's Sporting Goods also has 294 brick and mortar stores located in 34 states for those individuals who prefer in-store shopping. Another link featured on the site is...

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