Describes What A Learning Disability Is A Focuses On Dyslexia

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What Is a Learning Disability?Heward, William. (1996). Exceptional Children: An introduction to Special Ed.(5th Ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.Lavoie, Richard. (1990). How Can This Be? (Learning Disability), 109 (2), 37.How Can This Be? 1The learning disability I choose to define and write about is dyslexia. The article was intended for a general audience, as to inform them of the signs, frustrations and anxieties of a person with dyslexia may encounter.Dyslexia according to the current definition is a "specific learning disability that affects one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language spoken or written" (Heward, 1996 p. 190).People with dyslexia can face many obstacles and experience frustration, anxiety and tension. They may have a few signs or many, which can determine if they are dyslexic. Some people can go their entire life, never having been diagnosed, yet others may be diagnosed in early childhood. This depends on the type of intervention program implemented in the community.Richard Lavoie is a certified teacher for children with learning disabilities in Massachusetts. His personal experience alerted him to the insensitivity of some teachers. After asking a student, diagnosed with dyslexia, to write a composition on "his dog", he read, corrected and wrote comments on the paper, returning it to the student the next day. He proceeded to inform the student of his accomplishments and failures, but the student became teary eyed and upset. Mr. Lavoie asked the student what was wrong and the student explained that he spent extra time on proof reading his story. Mr. Lavoie, admittedly, realized that by using patronizing comments to the student, only frustrated and angered him.How can this be? 2He stormed out of the room, yelling that he didn't understand how he felt. It took Richard a few weeks to repair the damages done.The student felt as though Mr. Lavoie did not understand how it felt to work so hard on something and have so many mistakes. Richard came to realize that the great irony of the teaching profession: " Those of us who teach school usually...

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