Describes What Christians Believe In And What I As A Catholic Beleive In.

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C.A.L.L Paper #1As this paper is based on the four cornerstones of Azusa Pacific University, Christ, Action, Living, and Learning, I am going to have a difficult time writing it. I am a very strong Catholic and do not believe in the actions needed to be taken to be a good Christian. As I disagree with the "cornerstones" of Azusa Pacific University I will focus this more on how I feel about the manner and action-goals I can set to help me in what I believe in. I just ask that you do not look at my beliefs as "non-Christ like" or with a bias like so many others on this campus do, just please respect what I believe in because I will not change and because no one has respected that offer on this campus.The first cornerstone is Christ which basically talks about how a healthy Christian needs to develop a very personal relationship with Christ. With this personal relationship comes Salvation and Sanctification. The definition of Salvation is "deliverance from the power or penalty of sin; redemption." In talking with many Christians I have found that they themselves ask Jesus for forgiveness of sins, for their "Salvation." The definition of Sanctification is "to make holy; purify." To me it seems as in developing this personal relationship with Christ Christians believe that it will make them holy and allow them to be pure in the face of Christ.I do not have a personal relationship with Christ. As a Catholic I do not look to Jesus as Christians do. I believe God is above all and with him comes salvation and sanctification. For Salvation I make my "confession" with a Priest. When I make my confession it feels as if my sins are suddenly eaten out of my body by some unknown force. Something about confessing my sins and asking questions I have to my or any Priest makes me feel so much better. I experienced Confession face to face for the first time and it was one of the most inspiring things I have experienced. I had no fear of how he would look at me afterwards. My Priests eyes gazing into mine made me feel like Jesus himself was using his eyes and mouth to console me and answer the questions I needed to know. In fulfilling my sanctification I only need to believe in myself that what I am doing is right. If I truly believe in my heart what I'm doing is right, than I truly feel like I am going to heaven.Two action-focus goals I would like to make concerning my view on the "Christ" cornerstone would be to attend Confession on a regular basis and to pray more often to God. I would like to attend confession on a regular basis as it clears my soul and makes me feel better about myself. I am constantly questioning my actions as if I did the right thing. Confession makes me feel new and alive and I believe it makes me a better person. I have a lot of conflicts at this school and confession would help me to forget and not dwell upon these conflicts. I worry too much about my differences that I don't take the time to allow people into my life. The certain people...

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