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Explains Your Knowledge Of Counseling A Client. Uses Multi Theories...

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" Clients seek us out. They seek us out for every private and painful reason. We must be able to tell then what we can do, what we can offer. If only for the ethics of the situation, people must have the right to know beforehand our personal values and objections. The following is an attempt to share my values, beliefs, and goals with the person who sits with me." The creed of a counselor allows counselors to know what is expected of them, and that they are only there to help the client change themselves.Counseling is counseling is counseling. Counseling is consistent it never changes, either you can counsel or you can't. Once you've learned the necessities of counseling, you can counsel anyone. A counselor should be able to be given any particular case and have the knowledge to apply a variety of theories that would help the client over come their problem.A particular client is severely depressed and does not know how to interact with other people. The client is a 14 year old boy. He was referred to the National Counseling Association, by the members of Family Care. The 14 year old boy has had a very rough and difficult lifestyle. His family consist of a father who is 37, a mother who is 34 and a deceased younger brother who died at the age of 12. His family lives and wonders the streets.The boys father is an alcoholic. Every cent of the families income goes toproviding alcohol for the father. The boys mother refuses to apply for jobs. She has the education of a Middle School student. The boys mother was never there to give the client any attention. She shows no emotions towards the client at all. The most important thing that has triggered this boys depression was the death of his younger brother. The clients brother died of a easily cured viral infection. This infection could have been avoided if the patient had sought out the appropriate medical physician. Being that the family could not afford for the medical care the clients younger brother died on the streets behind a grocery store. The client feels that he too, will die on the streets at a very young age.Before you start your sessions, as a counselor you should first have a initial interview. When the counselor takes the time for the initial interview it helps pinpoints the event that has had the biggest impact on the clients life. It gives you a general idea of what to expect. Knowing what to expect before you actually have your session with a client is very important. Going into a session without knowing anything about your client, kinda leaves you stranded. Your client will be able to pick up on this kind of behavior and notfeel as comfortable around you as you need them to be in order to help them. Understanding the education of the client makes it easier for you to eases how to speak to them. You as the client do not want to use words that are out of your clients vocabulary. If your client is young, you want to use words they will understand. That way instead of asking you what a...

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