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Description And Analysis Of Easter Island

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Pacific Ocean covers almost a third of our planet. In the central and south-western parts of the island are located in Oceania. Looking at the map, you can see that the farther to the east of Australia, the smaller size of the islands are, the rarer they are. And then thousands of kilometers of water surface - and her continent of South America. People inhabit the ocean as far as the most remote islands. Despite the enormity of these distances, Polynesians speak related languages ​​and are very close to each other in physical type and culture.

In the eastern corner of Polynesia is a tiny piece of land, the most remote from other lands place on the globe. This - Rapa Nui, or Easter Island.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), a small, hilly and now almost treeless island of volcanic origin, rising to a distant geological epoch (Tertiary) from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, lies under 27 ° 0930 "w. W. 2B14 and 109 ° 's . etc.

Rapa Nui is an extreme outpost in the east of the Polynesians from the nearest island to the west - Pitcairn Islands Rapa Nui separated 1,800 kilometers from Mangareva Islands - 2600 km, and from the Pacific coast of Chile - 3600 km.

In fact Easter Island - one of the smallest inhabited islands of our planet - its area 166 km2. For example, in the territory of modern Moscow would fit five islands such as Rapa Nui. Besides Easter Island, its shape is similar to a tiny Sicily, has the shape of a triangle with sides equal to 16, 18 and 24 km, the corners of which three towering volcanoes Terevaka (Rano Aroi) in the north-west, Rano Kao south West, Pua-CATIC to the east.

Volcanoes on the island a lot, but now none of them is applicable. Most, largest volcano - Terevaka rising 600 meters above sea level is the main mountain range of the island. Pua-CATIC (height of about 400 m) forms Poike Peninsula in the east, and the Rano Kao (410 m) occupies the south-eastern corner of Easter Island. Much of the island is covered la vovymi volcanic eruptions Terevaka probably once connected together properly Easter Island and Poike

One of the highest tuff craters Terevaka is called Rano Aroi she is covered with water, reed Ngata or Totoro. Most remote crater array Terevaka - Rano Raraku is also a lake with large reserves of fresh water surrounded by reeds and plant Tavari.

Oddly enough, but worth only say the combination of Easter Island, as soon as word comes to mind - a mystery. In fact, Easter Island is able to give food to the most romantic imagination. Cult of birds found nowhere else in Polynesia. Still undeciphered writing mysterious Rongo-Rongo Kohala. Cyclopean stone platforms - ahu ...

But perhaps the biggest fame small island created his famous statues - the moai.

Who carved the stone giants? Whose hand carved them out of the rocks? Who portray these monumental works of art? The dispute over the statues, the dispute about the distinctive art of "mysteries of the island" does not cease to this day.

Art and...

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