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Description And Appraisement Of Roles Of Operations Management Within Hainan International Ltd

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SummaryHainan International Ltd, as a class one contractor based in Tanzania and working in East Africa market actively, has been successfully since incorporated in 1998. Hainan is developing from a relatively small capital to a reputable contractor in Tanzania. Key elements of operations, project management and quality management are of particular concern and relevance of Hainan and are discussed in the report.List of ContentsIntroduction1.0 Background Information of Hainan International Ltd2.0 牋牋牋牋Description And Appraisal of Role of Operations Management2.1 Key Elements of Operations2.1.1 Product2.1.2 Process2.1.3 Place2.1.4 Programmes2.1.5 Procedures2.1.6 People2.2 Project Management2.3. The Relevance of Quality Planning and Control Activity2.3.1 Construction Engineering and Technologies2.3.2 Information TechnologiesConclusionsBibliographyIntroductionHainan International Ltd has been a registered Class One Contractor for Building, Civil and Electrical since 1998 and is currently operating in East Africa. This report is aimed to critically describe and appraise the roles of operations management that are currently impacting upon this organization.1.0 Background Information of Hainan International LtdHainan International Ltd has been a registered Class One Contractor for Building, Civil and Electrical since 1998. However, its directors have been engaging construction business since 80s and their experience in East Africa become a vital factor of success of the company.The initial registered share capital is Tanzanian Shillings 650,000,000 (equivalent to US$1,000,000 at the time of subscription). All its shareholders are Chinese nationalities.The annual turnover the Hainan is between US$5millions to 10millions.2.0 Description And Appraisal of Role of Operations Management2.1 Key Elements of OperationsThere are six elements in operations mix as follows:2.1.1 Product"Product" can be referred to tangible product and intangible service. The design and quality of the product or service are important in the sense of operations management. In the case of Hainan, the product is construction projects in terms of finished projects and works in progress. Most of the design of construction projects are done by architect or consultants and Hainan as a contractor is the one to execute it. The vital point for Hainan on product is the quality and ability to deliver it in a timely manner within budget of client.2.1.2 ProcessProcess involves the transformation of inputs into more valuable outputs suppliers, whether internal or external, provide the inputs and customers, whether internal or external, receive the outputs. Under the circumstance of Hainan, external suppliers of building materials and external specialist sub-contractor are involved from outside the company. Within the company, various construction teams, including site agent, engineers and foremen, are responsible to convert or transform the materials to finished products,...

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