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Description And Types Of The Equilibrium State

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Objects in equilibrium state are defined as isolated objects with precise constant properties such as pressure, temperature and volume. In addition to that the total net force a nd acceleration must be equal to zero (1). Achieving equilibrium state requires knowledge in all object’s properties and behavior. The following research paper will carry the outcomes of our research in the topic, starting with a simple description of the types of the equilibrium state, followed by engineering and mathematical explanations to the topic. After that it will show examples from mechanical engineering classwork and world applications of the topic. The paper will close with the problems faced while completing the research.
Description and types of equilibrium state
Equilibrium is a state of balance in which the addition of all forces applied on a system is equal to zero. There are three states of equilibrium: unstable, stable and neutral. Stable equilibrium is when any sort of movement will raise the object’s potential energy, an object that moves with a stable equilibrium tend to go back to its initial place. Unstable equilibrium is when any motion will lower the object’s potential energy and the object will not be able to fall back to it’s original position easily without using additional energy. Furthermore, an object experience neutral equilibrium when any type of motion has no effect on the potential energy of the object itself therefore the equilibrium will remain the same. (2)
Engineering description of the equilibrium state
An engineering description differs from the layperson description because the engineering description defines the subject in a scientific way were the people can understand the subject deeply. The equilibrium state is a state were the net force (sum of all external forces) acting upon the particle is zero, this implies the object may be motionless or moving at constant speed in a straight line. There are some essential conditions for the equilibrium state for a system of particles. First, the sum of all the external forces should equal to zero. Second, the sum of the moments should equal to zero. Also when it comes to a rigid body the sum of all the external forces must equal to zero and the sum of the torques must equal to zero too. (2)
Mathematical description of the equilibrium state
In simple mathematics, the meaning of equilibrium state is the sum of all forces acting on the object must equals zero, the following equation shows the general rule of equilibrium:


As ∑Fn is the sum of all forces acting the object, in equilibrium it must be equal to zero, and F1, F2 all the way to Fn means all the forces applied on the object. (3)
Mechanical engineering classwork applications of the topic
Equilibrium state plays an essential role in mechanical engineering in various ways; there is a list of different types of equilibrium. In this research two types will be included with explaining examples in...

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