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Description Of A Concert As An Operating System With Inputs, Transformation Process And Outputs

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The operating system that I have chosen is a particular service operation: the realisation of a music concert. As every other organisation that produce goods or services, it has a precise operating system, composed by a range of inputs, a transformation process and a final output.INPUTS - We must distinguish between two different kind of resources: transformed resources, that are the resources treated and transformed in some way, and transforming resources, that are the resources that act upon the transformed resources.The transformed resources are usually materials, information and customers; very often one of these is dominant. A concert, like many other service operation, is predominantly a customer processing operation. The main task of the musicians, and therefore also of the organisers, is to process audience in a way in which satisfies their public, maximising their enjoyment. There is of course a very high contact between audience and operation; in fact a concert is a typical example of an operation in which satisfaction is measured by customers perceptions, that are subjective. That means that is quite difficult to measure and control them. So, for example, the administrators of a music hall, following the music market sales, should try to have as a guest only the most successful musicians of the moment.The other transformed resources, together with audience, is the building converted or arranged for the concert. It can be a music hall, a stadium, an indoor stadium or merely an open park, in any case it goes through a complete transformation of its appearance and its utilisation.As regards the transforming resources, there are two different types: facilities and staff.Facilities are all the materials used to prepare the building for the concert. Depending on the location of it, they can have some differences, but surely there must be a stage, a checkpoint, lights and all musical and technological equipment (instruments, cables, microphones, mixer, etc.). Then, not always, there could be seats, banisters, changing room, toilets, bars, and checkrooms.Staff are all the people in the operation, at any level, who...

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