Description Of A Specific Character In The Watchmen Novel.

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Watchmen Final PaperOne of the main heroes in the comic book Watchmen by Alan Moore is Rorschach. His real name is Walter Kovacs. Rorschach is a short, skinny, red-haired middle-aged man. His costume consists of wearing a brown trench coat along with a hat and an ink-blotted mask. Rorschach is investigative, intelligent and a good fighter. He fulfills the fantasy of a typical comic book reader because as a child he was a nerdy boy who got bullied on, whom later turned into a tough guy who stood up for himself and fought back. The narrative undermines Rorschach because according to the novel, he doesn't feel like himself without the mask.Rorschach is a persona of Walter Kovacs. Rorschach's costume fully covers him from head to toe and resembles what a detective would wear, which shows us that he's investigative. Rorschach is observant in the sense that when he isn't in his costume or being "Rorschach", he's walking around and paying attention to what's going on around him. In the beginning of the book, where the Comedian fell to his death, he is disguised as a homeless man carrying a sign saying, "The End is Nigh" and later returns in his costume to investigate the scene. Another attribute of Rorschach is his use and choice of weapons. Unlike the other masked vigilantes, he doesn't have fancy gadgets or weapons. He is also a good fighter and has a lot of strength. As shown in many chapters of the book, Rorschach thinks fast and knows how to use his resources around him. One example of his strength and use of weaponry was while he was imprisoned. He kicked a toilet open and used the water to electrocute the man coming after him.Rorschach fulfills the fantasy of a typical comic book reader because as a child, he had an abusive mother and he got bullied on. He had problems inside and outside of his home. As a boy, he was picked on because he was a nerdy, scrawny kid who was also intelligent. But soon enough, he turned into a man who stood up for himself. One of his first violent...

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