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Description Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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What are GMO’s? They are genetically modified organisms. They were created in a laboratory back in 1972, when scientist spliced a strand of virus DNA and a strand of bacterium DNA, recombining them together creating what was termed a “recombinant” molecule. This process was then used to produce genetically modified foods also known as genetically engineered foods or GMO’s. These foods began to be distributed for consumption by the general public in the 1990’s (Wang). Since their first appearance in the mid 1990’s, the United States of America has not only used them for humans, but also for animal consumption. Today, nearly all maize, soy, and most recently golden rice crops are genetically modified. So, I argue that since almost all Americans are consuming some sort of genetically modified foods, why not use them to help fight the shortage of food worldwide? Use these GMO crops to fight world hunger.
The human population is rapidly growing each year worldwide and so is the number of people going hunger. There are more than 700 million people who go hungry worldwide each day. Research shows that nearly 50 percent if not more of the world’s total population suffers from some type of malnutrition. People who suffer from malnutrition and starvation are unable to maintain their body mass. The brain requires energy to function. When a person does not take in the necessary amount of nutritious calories needed per day to support these functions, their body begins to feed on itself. It starts with the fat tissues, but in countries where malnutrition is a severe problem their people do not have fat to start with. If they are fortunate enough to have fat once, it’s gone the muscle is the next to go. All of the human internal organs, examples like the heart and liver, are some type of muscle. This slow deterioration of the body eating itself, continues on for a long period of time. The body does not just suffer from starvation and die overnight. People can live for years suffering from malnutrition. In some of the southern African countries there are children as young as two to five-years-old who suffer from a disease called Kwashiorkor. Kwashiorkor is a severe deficiency in dietary protein. These children can suffer for years before passing away. Although, they rarely ever make it to adulthood (Saladin 683).
Something needs to be done. Research shows that people are concerned worldwide about the problem with hunger. The use of genetically modified foods to help fight the problem of world hunger is certainly a viable answer. Written in an article online by Pater Raven for AgBioWorld, Raven states “it is morally unacceptable to deny starving people safe food produced through genetic modification.” Access to food is a human right and the international community is aware of the need for food security, even passing international law stating so (Raven). According to Bethany Turner, having access to adequate food is a fundamental human right, ‘one that was...

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