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Description Of Irish Traditions Essay

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When we hear St. Patrick day we think of the day where were all a bit irish, and of course what else comes to mind but the potatoe, St Patrick was the man brought Christianity to Ireland sometime in the early 400s.Which in turn brought the Celts and other groups in to Ireland bringing influence to their cuisine as well. Irish cuisine is thought to be no more than potatoes and as that is one of the main food sources it’s not all the Irish eat. Irish cuisine is a style of cooking that originating from Ireland or was developed or further developed by the Irish people. Irish cuisine has evolved over the centuries due to centuries of trade and social interaction with other countries and cultures.
In the early 1st century the Irish prepared their meat by spit roasting or stewing. Most often the family would lay grass or hay down and the family would sit around the table the meats were often left whole or in much larger portions and eaten with your bare hands. These techniques followed through till the middle of the second century when the Irish were introduced through trade, that you could use bronze for making utensils. For the longest time bronze was only used to make weapons or jewelry. The use of the cauldron was introverted into Irish cuisine through the trade with Greek trade colonies in the seventh century. They were generally used for stewing and cooking large amounts of meat which was usually only used for ceremonies or larger gatherings. The metals used for utensils and cooking equipment had many advantages over pottery, the new bronze containers could withstand higher heats and allowing you to be able to put the pot directly over a heat source or place the container in the oven surrounding the container with heat. They were not easily damaged by the heat or by dropping the pot on the ground. It also made cooking more hygienic seeing as they could use hot water to keep them clean. This was a huge step in Irish cuisine and the way that they could cook things. Irish cuisine takes a lot of its influence from animals and crops farmed in Ireland they also have learned to incorporate aspects of cooking from other cultures to better their style of cooking. Before the introduction of the potato to Ireland a lot of the foods that were eaten consisted of Meats (The main meats eaten were beef, mutton, and pork) breads, milks, cheese, corn (grains), butter, vegetables and nuts as well as some fish and shellfish. The main thing that the wealthy lived off of was the meats especially pork. The less fortunate town’s folk lived off of butters milks cheeses and offal.
The introduction of the potato in the second half of the 16th century heavily influenced Ireland's cuisine and is often closely associated with Irish cuisine. The damp, cool Irish climate and soil conditions where perfect for growing potatoes. Potatoes became one of the main food sources and was the main aspect of a most dishes. Potatoes fed both man and animals as it was cheap to grow and...

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