Descriptions Of The Character In The 12 Angry Men

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Jury Foreman #1- He is the head of the jury. He is in charge of keeping things smooth and keeping order within the jury. At the begging of the session he voted guilty. He is a football coach and he tells the story on how this really talented player lost the last game of the season and how when he lost the game he just stared into to space. Jury #1 said that broke he heart, after he told that story he had a change of heart and voted not guilty.
Juror #2 - This is the first time that he has been a jury. He voted guilty the first time. At the beginning it seems that he doesn't say what is on his mind and he just lets people talk for him. He is very insightful and he notices that the boy was much shorter than his father. He said that it would have been hard for him to stab his father downward on the chest. After he has analyzed each problem he comes to a conclusion that the boy isn't guilty.
Juror #3- He is a very proud man. He thinks that the boy is guilty. He has a problem with juror #8. He always tries to contradict juror#8. Every time juror #8 says something, he always as something to say to go against him. He has a lot of personal background that clouds his decisions on the boy. His personal background his that he has a kid that did a similar thing to him and that’s why is was hard for him to see the evidence clearly. At the end when he finally exploded and told everyone that the boy is guilty. Then juror #8 tells this isn't your boy and then he votes not guilty.
Juror #4- He is a very prestige business man. He formed an alliance with juror #3. He likes to prove his point with facts. He voted guilty at the beginning and he was one of the last people to vote not guilty. The reason why he voted not guilty is because juror #9 asked him about his glass and that juror #9 told him that he saw the women with the same indents on her nose. That states the women couldn’t possibly have seen the boys without her glasses.
Juror #5- He is from the projects. He gets offense when the rest of the guys talked bad about the people in the projects. He voted guilty at the beginning. But after analyzing the evidence and explaining how you correctly use the knife the boys has, he then realize that the boy is innocent.
Juror #6- He starts by...

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917 words - 4 pages is very important to the case. Starts to change his mind, wants to dig deeper in the case changed his vote at the end and doesn’t think that the boy is capable of murdering his father. Juror #12: Doesn’t find it important got sidetracked wants to get this case over with. Wants to be funny but he is not, stick with 3 1 in his theory that the boy always having murder on his mind. Starts to think changes his vote to not guilty then guilty and then not guilty.

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1335 words - 5 pages In the film 12 Angry Men, a group of twelve jurors are deciding the fate of a young boy accused of murdering his father. Throughout the juries dilleration, one man exhibits all of the qualities of leadership. This man is juror number 8 played by Henry Fonda. Fonda not only exhibits the the 10 qualities of a leader but he uses these qualities to lead the entire jury to a vote of not guilty (Fonda & Lumet, 1957). Early on in the film Fonda

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929 words - 4 pages The play 12 Angry Men is one of the greatest plays I’ve seen. I read the novel and saw both movies but my favorite was the Broadway play we saw as a class. The play was so alive and made me really feel like I was in the jury. The play was about a young man on trial for the murder of his father. The play showed how one man didn’t give up in what he believed to be true. The play also showed a powerful leader who fought till the end. The

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1776 words - 7 pages 12 Angry Men PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running head: 12 ANGRY MEN12 Angry MenDon Carter, John Case, Cassandra SmithGrand Canyon University12 Angry MenIntroduction: In the movie "12 Angry Men" an eighteen year old boy is charged with the murder of his father. At first, all of the twelve jurors believe that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, except for one, who believes that they owe the boy more than five minutes in deciding if he lives or not

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1445 words - 6 pages 12 Angry Men is about 12 men who are the jury for an 18 year old accused murder. The judge states in the opening scene that it is a premeditated murder in the 1st degree, if found guilty will automatically receive the death penalty. The 18 year old male is accused of killing his father with a “one of a kind” switch blade, in their home. The prosecutors have several eye witness testimonies, and all of the evidence that they could need to convict

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909 words - 4 pages In our society today citizens play a vital role in the legal system by serving as jury. A jury is a sworn body of people convened to render an impartial verdict (a finding of fact on a question) officially submitted to them by a court, or to set a penalty or judgment (Wikipedia). 12 citizens are selected to serve as jury on a particular trial. In the movie, “12 Angry Men”, 12 ordinary citizens were called to serve as jury in a case to decide

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550 words - 2 pages 12 Angry Men: Juror #8 is the Most Important JurorJuror #8 was the most important juror in the play Twelve Angry Men for a number of reasons. The first reason is that when all the other jurors voted guilty without even thinking about their decisions, Juror #8 suggested that they talk about it before jumping to conclusions. Even when some of the other jurors got mad and started yelling at him, he stayed calm and tried to work things out in a

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1167 words - 5 pages bring about the fair and impartial administration of justice in the courtroom.12 Angry Men makes its point that only reason and fact have a place in the courtroom. With a room full of imperfect, prejudiced and unsure men, the term reasonable doubt comes into play. In a criminal case, like this, the state has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a crime. A reasonable doubt is an honest and reasonable

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1475 words - 6 pages with fellow classmates until we were instructed to stop. We were then asked to guess how long the conversations were, as each student answered, the range of numbers became smaller as more students gave lower numbers. Many students conformed because they didn’t want to appear as an outlier and wanted to fit in with the rest of class. An example of normative influence in “Twelve Angry Men” takes place when the jurors take their first vote, most of

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1191 words - 5 pages : Descriptions for self-discovery. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications. Budjac Corvette, B. A. (2007). Conflict management: A practical guide to developing negotiation strategies. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education. Flouri, E. & Fitsakis, Y. (October, 2007). Minority matters: 12 angry men as a case study of a successful negotiation against the odds. Negotiation Journal. doi: 10.1111/j.1571-9979.2007.00156.x Johnson, R. A

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