The Trail Of Terror In Pilot Knob

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It was a beautiful Saturday around 3:30 p.m. Me being an avid runner, I thought the temperature was absolutely perfect for a jaunt through Pilot Knob. I hop out of my vehicle with anticipation of a relaxing jog, and I walk my way to the serene trail. Little did I know I was on my way to the trail of terror.
It was about 3:15, and I was set on going for my jog. I grabbed my ipod and blue water bottle, and was set to go! When I arrived in my ‘96 maroon tuck, I had to park in a small gravel area outside the brown wooden gate. It was no big deal except the fact that I had to run the whole loop, which is 4 miles long!
I began to prepare myself for the jog I was minutes from enduring. I begin by doing plyometrics, also known as high knees, karaoke, etc. Once I was warmed up I began to run through the panoramic park. There were trees covering nearly every inch of the park. Most of them were leafless, but the trees that did have leaves were beautiful; they were covered in assortments of reds and oranges. The first half of my run to the top of Pilot Knob was full of twists and turns and many hills, but it was very relaxing.
When I reached the halfway point of my jaunt, I stopped for a short stretch to regain my breath and give a short rest my sore muscles. I was tired and my legs ached, so I began my way back at an easy pace. I wanted to take in the scenery, to make the time go by faster. Curve after curve I observed the marvelous sights of the park: the orange and red leafed trees, the near death pink flowers, and the fiery yellow sun beginning to set.
The wind began to pick up its chilly breeze, and I still had about 2 miles to the end of my excursion. As I’m jogging, I glance ahead at the curving, concrete, neverending road before me. A second later, the breeze picked up. Boom! Out popped two enormous beasts! They had brown shaggy fur and blood around their mouths. I slowed my jog to a walk. I didn’t want to continue my running pace towards them, in fear of them charging...

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