Descriptive Essay: "How I Learn"

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by: Andy Wade"How I Learn"I hear the comforting sound of my coach's whistle against the noise of shuffling feet and falling bodies. Finally, three seconds of rest in between three hours of wrestling practice. The humidity in the room is that of a sauna, or even worse, a steam room. I try to wipe the stinging sweat out of my eyes, but to my dismay I only make it worse. My body has lost five pounds since practice started, but what my body has lost my shirt has gained in sweat. He barks out orders for the next move we are to practice, "20 single leg takedowns each!" Over and over we drill this takedown until we move on to the next one. They say practice makes perfect, and I'd have to agree with that. Repetition is the way by which I learn and become good at things. I practice things over and over until it becomes repetitive, to the point where I can do them in my sleep.Unfortunately, this is not always the easiest way to learn things. The only problem with repetition is that it takes time and does not come easily or without hard work. However, I'd rather work hard to learn things than have everything come easily to me throughout my life. If everything always went my way and was easy I would not know how to face hardships. I would most likely crumble if it wasn't for learning to face with difficulties.The method of learning that I have the most success with is when I have to see something or solve a problem using numbers and equations. I enjoy solving problems and getting the correct solutions; it's...

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