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As his senses returned to him, the world around him was a blur although he could make out the familiar red velvet curtains in the bay window and the polished wooden floor of his $2 million home. His doctor wandered in as he rubbed his eyes and stretched his lanky body.

'My bike?" he queried groggily 'What happened to it?'

'Jon, Jon, Jon, what've you done to yourself this time?'

' bike' Jon yawned incoherently, rubbing his tired eyes.

'Your bike's gone Jon, and frankly you should be focusing on more important things. The company's going down hill and fast.' Jon's brother and co founder of the HATRIX Empire strode into the room, his face like thunder.

'You're the face of the company Jon, you need to be out there heading the company.'

'Now now Mr Knight, Jon here needs his rest, he's only just woken up and you shouldn't be barging in here...' Jon's doctor began before being cut off abruptly by Knight.

'I didn't ask you, did I? Jon has to work. I know his families gone but that was a month ago, you need to get over it.' He began again in a more calculated, yet more patronising tone, 'Jon, you might as well put your whole effort into the company, seeing as your family's gone, what else are you going to do, bike riding?" He spat out the last words in disgust.

Knight was the kind of man that believed in money. Money bought happiness and as much money as you had you could always make more, and more, and more. He didn't approve of Jon and even with Jon's family gone instead of working longer he had decided to follow one of his obscene pastimes, bike riding, leaving the company to fend for itself.

Of course he felt for Jon, to an extent, family gone and all that but Jon was planning on retiring and he just couldn't let that happen.

Knight was brought back from his thoughts as Jon began talking quietly, as if the sleeping pills hadn't fully worn off yet and he was getting used to his own voice.

"Andrew, I'm not going to keep working, I've got enough money to last me forever and a day, I don't need any more, YOU don't need any more.

Jon's breathing was getting faster now. He laboured on. "You didn't even care when Ellie and Matthew..." his voice broke as he sobbed. He drew in his breath "Get out Andy, just go away" He closed his eyes and pointed a long finger at the door.

Andrew stared at the hand for a moment before spinning on his heels and striding out. Silence engulfed the room as Jon slowly opened his eyes, now filled with resolve and looked at his docter.


"Yes Jon?" his docter moved towards the bed concerned

"Can you contact my solicitor on the way out, I need to talk to him about something"

"Of course" Mike started towards the door before Jon pulled at his...

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