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Descriptive StatisticsJuly 7, 2008Data analysis using descriptive statisticsThe research findings led to a conclusion that answered the research question.In order to answer the research question, first the current situations with other automobile organizations needed to be researched.GM's President of the Automotive Consulting Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is quoted in saying, "The buying market is drastically changing mainly due to the high cost of gasoline." The plans should have been in place a number of years ago to create vehicles that were more fuel efficient." GM's total U.S. sales fell 28% from a year earlier, and it also sold 14% fewer cars.Ford Motor Co. has also said that it was trying to boost output in small cars. Ford, which is best known for the Ford Mustang, abandoned the idea of turning a profit in 2009.GM and Ford are now realizing and emphasizing fuel efficiency cars. Both companies will begin to close plants in Ontario, Moraine, Wisconsin and Toluca, Mexico. These plants are the main manufacturers of the gas-guzzlers such as the Silverado pickup, the GMC Sierra, the Trailblazer and the Envoy (which are also mid-sized vehicles).In a contradictory article written by Sirena Rubinoff titled "Gas guzzlers popular, despite record gas prices." August 02, 2007, she undermines the idea that consumers are willing to give up their sport utility vehicles or sports cars for fuel-efficient vehicles.Langley Steinart, co-founder and CEO of CarGurus, states, "While online consumers understand the gas crisis intellectually, they just don't seem willing to part with the cargo space and performance offered by utility trucks and sports cars. People's perceptions are not in line with their buying behavior." Automotive News, an industry trade publication, ranks the most popular U.S. vehicles and only two of those cars meet the federal gas mileage guidelines.Data analysis using descriptive statistics continuedThe Chevrolet Corvette made the top 10 lists and it gives 19 miles to the gallon, the Ford Mustang ranked # 2 and it gives 20mpg. With these findings the conclusion was that the sports car would continue to sell, the sports car is an automobile that attracts a different type of consumer. This consumer is more interested in performance and the reputation of the car.In regard to future federal findings, an article by Joseph B. White in the Wall Street Journal on May 12, 2008, reports changing federal regulations. The Porsche cars sold in 2015, and manufactured in 2014, could be required to average 41.3 miles per gallon to avoid fines levied under the revised U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy.White (2008) stated:"Most of the discussion of federal efforts to boost the average fuel efficiency of new vehicles to 35 mpg by 2015 has focused on how the new standard will do not only in large utility vehicles but also in high performance sports cars, particularly those sold by small manufacturers such as Porsche, Lotus,...

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