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Desert Flower Book Response Essay

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She goes by the name of Waris Dirie, a female Somalian desert nomad who lived to tell her story of pain and emotion growing up as a Somalian woman. The novel ‘Desert Flower’, written by Waris Dirie herself is about the revealing yet inspiring journey of her life, as she was introduced to the ‘Somalian womanhood’, at just the age of five, imagine the brutality on being mutated on just a rock in the middle of the desert, being left alone under a small tree with hardly any shade protecting you from the fiery hot sunrays being let off. Any minute you could die, the cause of death may be being bleed to death or an infection later on causing death. A few years later having an arranged marriage to a sixty year old man you didn’t even know, running away and escaping to England to becoming a model to then later on becoming an ambassador of the UN. (United Nations). These are some of the many experiences Waris Dirie ...view middle of the document...

In Somalian tradition it is said that circumcision of a female is to ensure the ‘cleanliness’, ‘honor’, and ‘virginity’, until marriage. The fact that it is forced upon girls who are vulnerable at young ages by their own family is what really gets me upset. So a theme of the book I have decided to go into exploration of is Human Rights. ‘No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.’ That is one of the human rights, of the many I personally say desert flower is about, the slavery of tradition in a culture. Should a person be experimented on due to the tradition of their culture? Or should a person have the right to make a choice for themselves? I think that going against your culture for the safety of yourself and your life isn’t a sign of disrespect or betrayal nor is it selfishness, it’s about having your rights as a human to not being a slave of your culture after all if culture made all your decisions in life, the world would be corrupt.

An inspirational character in the novel ‘Desert Flower’, written by Waris Dirie was in fact the author herself. In this novel Waris gives up her successful modelling career to focus on her work against female circumcision around the world. She founded the Desert Flower Foundation in 2002 and used the money raised for the creation of schools and clinics in Somalia. In 2010, Waris Dirie was named as Peace Ambassador for the year of Peace and Security by the African Union. For someone to give up their success and focus on the future of others portrays to me a true leader, a hero even and that is what Waris Dirie is to me. An inspiration too many others helping save the world from corruption slowly but affectively. She as someone who went from nothing to something shows me what just one person can do to the world, and slowly one by one the world will change and put an end to the slavery of tradition and culture.
I recommend this novel to anyone above the age of fourteen as they will be able to understand the story and analyze the same opinion as my own or their own opinion as to whether slavery of culture and tradition is against the rights of humans.

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