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Officially, on August 2, 1990, the United Nations passed Resolution 660 which: Condemned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Demanded that Iraq vacate its forces from Kuwait and called on Iraq and Kuwait to begin “intense negotiations for the resolution of their differences, and decides to meet again as necessary.” Eventually the United Nations passed Resolution 678, that authorized “Member States” to “use all necessary means to uphold and implement resolution 660 (1990) and all subsequent relevant resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area.” Thus history, the fickle maiden that reveals truth but by the payment of blood, had postured the world for yet another war, one ...view middle of the document...

The War had begun in a demonstrative manner, a lethality that would remain the constant throughout the war.
Although American was lead in the war, comprising of over half the forces involved, a cohesive coalition of Arab and western countries, shared in the eventual downfall of the Iraqi military and Liberation of Kuwait. The Coalition forces were commanded by the intrepid and sometimes abominable H. Norman Schwarzkopf, referred to as CINC, Commander in Chief-Central Command, who, earlier in his military career volunteered to fight in Vietnam, where he “earned several honors for his service there, including three Silver Stars, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.” So, notwithstanding, taking center stage was a man sure of his capabilities with a resolve to see them accomplished (Biography).
Schwarzkopf had a preoccupation with the Replublican Guard and its three divisions, the Tawalkana, Hammurabi and the Madinah. In an interview, regarding the necessity of a ground war, Scharwzkopf stated, “I always felt that it would take ground forces on the ground to, in fact, [to] eject the [enemy] ground forces that were over there,” a fact that would soon play out.
Continuing with the assault of the first day, A-10 Warthogs, F-15’s and additional Tomahawks unleashed a fury of death upon of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the Iraqi Army H.Q. and various electrical targets. Addtionally, B-52’s would also play an intregal part in the war, dropping “more than a hundred tons of high explosives on the Republican Guard’s Tawalkana Division” in an attempt to warn “Iraqi ground forces of what they could expect in the days and weeks to come,” which would inherently result in many soldiers deserting their post or out-right refusal to fight, quickly surrendering to Coalition forces. Shortly after the initial strikes had begun to dismantle the Iraqi Wehrmacht, several scuds dropped on Israel, thereby negating the initial exhilaration of effective strikes with low casualties. In a two-prong fashion, another target of the Iraqi Wehrmacht was the Iraqi air force, which boasted state-of-the-art fighters like the MiG-29s, of which they had forty-one, and seventy-five Mirage F-is, a force thought to be taken seriously, in not cautiously. However, by the third day of combat, the number of sorties of Iraqi aircraft was negligible, with fifteen shot down, reducing Iraq’s air force effectiveness all the more, which, the chagrin to Iraqis, gave the Allies air superiority. This alone was a major accomplishment which kicked open the doors for the eventual ground-war that was impatiently waiting just short of the horizon. Facing the Allies was the formidable maroon beret-wearing Republican Guard, Saddam’s elite military troop, that reported directly to him. Earlier, on “August 2nd, three Iraqi Republican Guard divisions crossed the frontier with nearly a thousand tanks”, they presenting a very real concern to the coalition forces now on the advent of war (Atkinson 52, 155).

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