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Desertification And Just Deserts Essay

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In today’s society we face a broad range of environmental issues, each warranting their own measure of concern. However the issue with quite possibly the greatest potential for harm would be that of desertification. Desertification is defined as the process by which fertile land becomes desert due to human involvement. This is especially common in hot arid areas of the world. Desertification poses such a problem because it threatens the lives of those who rely on these areas to make a living. As the land becomes more and more arid the land no longer yields crops or feeds animals. This can lead to a substantial shortage of resources, especially devastating in areas where resources are scares ...view middle of the document...

In today’s day and age where water and supplies are not as difficult to find farmers can keep their herd in one spot, eventually using up all of the lands potential for future growth. The final and perhaps most prevalent cause of desertification is that of over farming average land. The land in the dry lands is already unstable for use as farmland; however by constantly farming the farmers are taking away the richness of the soil. These four reasons are responsible for desertification, but the conditions in which people are forced to employ them bear as much of the blame. Through the understanding of why people are forced to take these actions, we can better understand how to prevent desertification all together.
Desertification is especially prevalent in countries whose population size and location force them to use their lands in such a way. In developing nations where food and farmable land are in short supply desertification can be quite easily found. These conditions drive the residents of such areas to employ these non-sustainable farming practices, such as overgrazing and over farming. They do so in the hopes that they will grow enough food to prevent there large population from starvation. These actions take a toll on the soil, making it less suitable for farming then it was when they started. Ironic when you consider why people were forced to engage in these methods in the first place. As time goes on the soil eventually becomes unusable, forcing those who lived off it to relocate and try to find livelihoods elsewhere. Removal of vegetation and wildlife happen as a direct result of overgrazing and overuse of land. The four combine to create a truly frightening prospect, however we can prevent desertification if we understand that it is the conditions people are in that force these actions. By changing the conditions of the people in such places we can limit desertification.
There is an old saying that goes those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In this case America once had to deal with desertification in the 1930’s, and from this experience we...

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