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Desicions Matter Essay

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Have you ever realized that what you do daily can affect the rest of your life? People need to be aware of their decisions made daily; one decision can change your life and many, in a matter of seconds.
In order to make decisions rational and convincing there are a few things that one should consider before coming to a result. Once a major decision appears, an expanse of time should be devoted in order to come into a precise decision. “Sometimes we make decisions in the spur of the moment, under times of stress when the adrenaline is pumping” (unknown, p 3) when this happens the outcome is usually the worst. “Research also shows that an excess of choices often leads us to be less, not more ...view middle of the document...

People sometimes will not go to their maximum because the “anticipated regret is the belief that the decision will be the result of inaction” (unknown, p 20). The act of regretting something to some individuals can be an extreme and they will do anything and everything to avoid the regret. Once an individual reaches their limits, from then on they will understand themselves better as a person and understand how to make decisions more precise.
Decisions are made daily in every individuals life, however maybe these are not decisions at all; the outcome was meant to be. Every decision you choose to make leads you somewhere. Aron Ralston says that his situation, the rock and that moment have been waiting for him his whole life. He says that “Its me. I chose this. I chose all of this-this rock has been waiting for me my entire life. I’ve been moving towards it my whole life” (Ralston, 168). Very few to no one can predict their own future and everyone has major and minor events waiting for them there whole lives.
Aron Ralston a famous adventurer who always did absurd things made all of the wrong decisions through time to come to this bad situation. In 127 Hours it gives an example of what Aron chose to do saying “you chose to come here today; you...

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