Design A Basic Compensation Plan For Wal Mart In China

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MGT509 - Human Resource ManagementEmployee Recruitment and SelectionBy:Dania HeavenCase Study, Module 4TUI UniversityDr. Sandra Rolfe, Core ProfessorDate: May 31, 2010Wal-Mart is one of the leading "one stop shop" retail stores in America. It has established it's above the rest of the competitors and also moved on to open international branch of Wal-Mart in different countries around the world. These have lead to the company become a diverse company with many opportunities as well as challenges. Wal-Mart entered the Chinese market and opened its first store in Shenzhen in 1996. Wal-Mart's Global Procurement sourcing operation has been headquartered in Shenzhen since 2002. Currently, Wal-Mart operates a number of store formats in China including Supercenters, Sam's Clubs, and Neighbourhood Markets. Today, Wal-Mart operates over 180 units in over 90 cities, and created over 50,000 job opportunities across China. This paper seeks to discuss and evaluate compensation packages as it relates Wal-Mart and their branches in China and their employees.In order to evaluate and explain the concepts need one must first define key terms' compensation is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work performed. Compensation may achieve several purposes assisting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction. Wal-Mart's compensation plan for international companies especially china consists of many different elements that would reflect China and their labour laws along with the company's rules and regulation. Wal-Mart takes great pride in training their worker to do and be the best they are while on the job. It also meets with its employee every morning to market to reassure them of their roles as a part of the family and how to make consumers feel welcome and pleased with their visits to the company. Wal-Mart has a core competence involving its use of information technology to support its international logistics system. For example, it can see how individual products are performing country-wide, store-by-store at a glance. IT also supports Wal-Mart's efficient procurement. It however has major weakness and is tried to detail with them effectively. China has diversification problems with including racism, religion and many more and has to deal with these to enable Wal-Mart to become a bigger and better company. However the biggest problem is unionizing its workers because Wal-Mart is anti-union in its U.S. operations. However under Chinese law, private companies must permit unions. They also must set aside 2 percent of total payroll costs to finance union activities. Workers themselves pay less than 1 percent of their salaries in union dues Since entering China in 1996, Wal-Mart has dismissed the need for unions, saying it might allow them if organized by workers themselves, not the federation leadership..It is important to know the background knowledge of the country that you are going to open a new company. China as...

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