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Design And Art By Alex Coles

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In this text, three essays extracted from the compilation “Design and Art” by Alex Coles, are being analyzed or commented. This three essays seek to explain a clear definition of the word design and then proceed to relate/separate design, giving details about the function and goals of design and determining the motto and characteristics of art.
What is design? (Vilem Flusser, 1993)
According to Charles Eames, design is the arrangement of elements, which accomplish a particular purpose.
Design is an expression of purpose, which could be later judged as art. Design is not a craft for industrial purposes, though it might be a solution to industrial problems. Its boundaries are defined by the ...view middle of the document...

However, as mentioned before, this has been denied for a long time. Art and technology have become two separate entities, two different cultures. This is where design comes to be, design has formed a bridge between technology and art. Hence, the author concludes, design is the place where art and design come together as equals, making design another entity or culture.
We use design to escape natural circumstances through the strategic exploitation of a law of nature. We use design to fool the laws of nature and to replace what is natural with artificial. In short, design, behind all its culture, has to be deceptive, artful, enough to turn simple humans conditioned by nature, into free artists.
But is it art? (Kees Dorst, 2003)
Compared to art, where you are being taught personal development in order to generate and purse interesting goals; in design, your goals are partly determined by others. An artist’s goals, practical or unpractical, are his/her own. However when that designer finds a goal to pursuer, the creative process he follows to achieve his/her goal/s is much like a design process.
This tells use, that the border between art and design is permeable and not just from art towards design. Designers, like artist do with design, crossover into art, though they usually ignore that fact.
The horizon of thinking of a designer is limited to the project where she/he is working on. But with each project they do, they also achieve personal development as a designers.
Sometimes, designers develop their own goals, like the author explains with the example of the TV creator, this makes the designer a little bit of an artist. The medium may be a little different, but still.
Final Commentary
The confusion between art and design exists because of the aesthetic has been part of both fields. Some words used to describe the design are also employed to...

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