Design And Development Of Mobile Multimedia Learning Application

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The development of mobile technology today has its own effects on society globally. There are many benefit that are experienced from the implementation and use of mobile technology. Mobile technology are made to drive global commerce especially in mobile multimedia learning application. This is because, nowadays, mobile technology has upgraded to such an extant that you are able to keep updated for all your lesson requirement everywhere and anytime you want to. In other words, learning can be done anytime and anywhere as long you have a mobile phone or any mobile electronic device and a multimedia learning application. There are many types of application for learning purpose for example Google etc.

The Advantages

The most advantage of a mobile learning is the ability to access information. User can easily get information from the web site and download it. Education as a process relies on a great deal of coordination of learners and resources. Mobile device can be used by teacher for attendance reporting, general access of school data, reviewing students mark, and managing their schedule more effective. With access to information, special knowledge is put in the hands of students to support their study. Students also can access to lab asignments, formulae and others such a diagram. This can affects students performance in learning environment while facilitating their education. It is important to manage different education. All students catch up information at different speeds in different ways. Educational currently support advance way and special classes to manage these needs. Mobile learning is ideally geared to enable students to learn at their own speed, by uniquely catering to their requirements in a personalized way. Advancement in technology are facilitating those whit learning disabilities in many ways. Mobile technology has potential to benefit those with special needs or learning disabilities. With many unique applications to overcome learning obstacles and physical impairments, learning through mobile device enables challenged students today to compete with their peers on a more equal footing. Mobile learning enables educator to reach out the students who do not have exposure to continuous and regular education. With access to learning inforamation, these students can be still be brought within standardized curriculum for learning encouraged and monitored. In higher education, mobile devices can provide course material to students, including due date for assignments, information about timetable and tutorial changes. Mobile learning is able to synchronous team members appointments and schedule. Individual students activities can take place such as web browsing. Examples of using mobile technologies in this context include a mobile learning organiser which has been developed and tested at the University of Birmingham ( Holme and Sharples 2002; Sharples 2003; Corlett 2004 ), and the use of...

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