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Design And Tech Essay

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What the technology is…..
Flexible display screens have been used in electronics such as television and Sony camera’s but flexible displays screens as smart phone screens have been in the developing stages for the last decade and have only recently been made into prototypes and introduced to the public. These screens are based on a flexible substrate, the substrate being either plastic, metal or a flexible glass, this allows the screens to be lighter, thinner and more durable compared to normal screens found in television, phones and in some camera’s.

What is does
Replacing the screen with a bendable plastic will allow it to be changed into different shapes fitting for the consumer’s hand ...view middle of the document...

The Samsung Galaxy round is the only phone which uses the flexible screen (shown in picture), however there are still improvements to be made, such as the ideas of making the whole phone bendy so that it is not as bulk but it can easier be changed into the shape, the reason why this is the entire phone isn’t bendy is because of the other electrical components which are brittle, for example the battery. Making the battery bendable will raise the amount of the cost, which cause the consumers to not buy the product. Therefore the flexible OLED displays can be classified as an emerging technology for it has been a concept for the future for the last decade and there are companies like Samsung and LG who have been researching the concept from the early 21st century.

List the factors that would have affected this design
Some of the factors that could have affected the flexible OLED is that consumers want light, durable and comfortable items they can use and the flexi screen allows these needs to be met. As the expectation of technology rises, the quality of the devices also have to rise, this expectation of the technology to be better would have affected the design dramatically. Some of the factors that the designers could have asked themselves
Short/long term environmental consequences - The amount of raw materials used
- The amount of electricity used
- Whether the screen will last a long period of time
- The recycling process of the screen and components when they are broken
Aesthetics - Will the screen bend like what the reviews say
- Will the phone be all bended to fix consumers comfort
- Will the design of the device attract the consumers eyes
- Will the flexible screen be unique compared to other screens out in the market
- Will the
Function - The bending of the screen to a certain shape to lot comfort to the consumer
- Will be durable and shattered proof
Ergonomics - Will the flexible screen become the shape that will give comfort to the consumer when in use
Quality - Will the cost be suited for all different social classes
- Will the function and setting work well
Occupational health and safety - Will the screen be recyclable
- Will the screen use less raw materials than the normal glass screens found in standard non-flexible phones
- Would being exposed to high quality display cause eye vision to worsen
Life-cycle analysis - Will it be possible to recycle the components
- Will the production stages cause more pollution then the glass screens
Finance - Will the cost be affordable for all different social classes
- Will it be worth the price the consumer is paying
Appropriateness of design solution - Will the flexible OLED screen help the solution of phones being to heavy
- Be shatter proof
- Will it reduce the usage of raw materials
Needs - In recent research consumers are seen wanted a phone which is light, scatter-proof, long lasting batteries and high definition screen.

Discuss the trend in society that may have influenced the...

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