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Design And User Experience : The Private Hospital

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Design and User Experience : The Private Hospital (calls Clinic in Chile) website in general are very well structured with easy access to all the services that these institution provides. The neonatology and pediatrics sections usually lacks of images and multimedia sections, the one reason of that can be that the information is oriented toward adults visitors or potentials parent patients. Additionally in general these WebPages provides information written by its own physician helping them to reach its potential patients, moreover the information about diseases are upgrade periodically. Inside of section call specialty it is a complete listing of physicians that lend services with their respective pictures and some articles of interest for the parents.
This segment usually used their website to promote their services with publicity related to healthcare that they provide, it is important to highlight that the focus that these clinic have over neonatology and pediatrician services are very important since the pediatrics department are taken as business unit, which have one of the highest quantity returns by patient makes it high profitable for the hospital.
Quality of Information : the quality of the information provide its responsibility of its own physicians, therefore are reliable, moreover some Clinics have the service of answers questions that patients or parents send toward the pediatrics section by direct email or online, which are apparently answered shortly by the doctors. The information related with illnesses is limited compared with the one that is provide by AKH, since they are more focused to...

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