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Treasure Planet
The film Treasure Planet has a key robot character. He is old rusty, left behind and has gone mad. Traits similar to that of our robot character.

The robot is skinny in it’s body shape and has a human aspect (picture a skinny human who has been left in the wild for years). The robot has expressive eyebrows as the character talks during the movie. Another reason the robot character was chosen was because of the eyes again like the eyebrows are very expressive. They have movements like a normal human eye (depicting a human aspect again). The character is rusty and has moss growing on the arms, head and other parts of the body. An aspect that could be incorporated on to our ...view middle of the document...

This will show its not used much by the boat owner.

On the other spectrum in the film there are modern clique and stylish robots, with a more ergonomically designed body.

So if our style of boat was to be modern and stylish then our robotic character could have a similar style to those above.

What is also good about these robots that they are minimal in design but are still an effective character. Especially Eva it’s a simple egg like shape that in 3 parts head, body and arms all with an ergonomic design. You still believe her emotions throughout the movie.

The eyes on the robot was discussed and these image will be useful. The robot eyes were possibly going to be a screen with digital eyes that would change to show emotion. The character on Wall-e convey this allot when showing anger, happiness or annoyance.

The security robot is simple and is like a camera it has no eyes or emotion. It just does his job and goes back to it’s station. I think this would be something to look at when designing our recovery robots. The use of the light like a police car is really good it show authority and an emergency. This will work for our short when the robots go to recover the ship they can flash to show there is an emergency. Also it will show they have authority to be on the road. Although they are emotionless you can still get a human feel from them.

If a robot shows a human trait or emotion or not an emotion it will still make for an effective animation.

The last robot I looked at from Wall-e was the robots which were security again. This time I looked at the screen on the main body. I think this is a key design when it shows the main characters image. It gives you the feeling that your after the characters. I think that our recovery robots could have the same thing but it would just have large words scrolling across. Such as “Emergency Recovery” or something similar, I think it will help to show that they are helping and preventing further disaster.

Robots (Movie)

Another film I looked at was robots the reason for this is it’s based on rusty spare part robots. Which shows that they are no use anymore which is what are robot is all about. The robots are slightly rusty and dull in the respective colours showing they are at the bottom of the pile. I think the way they have been made from spare parts is really effective in showing they don’t work or have much presence. Again exactly what are robot is all about. Unlike wall-e these are robots that you would think of when robot is said they lack a cute factor. They are more human adult like in facial expression and movement again the human factor is coming across.

Robots (not in film)

Looking at the movies its clear that there is a high standard of design...

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