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Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection, Testing And Supply Of Radar Level Transmitter As Per Cb&I Enquiry Document No: Ce 010 3304 Subsequent C

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Sub: Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection, Testing and Supply of Radar Level Transmitter as per CB&I Enquiry Document no: CE-010-3304 subsequent correspondence.

Ref : Annexure-E for List of Correspondence.

Dear Sir,
With reference to the above Inquiry from our EPCM Contractor M/s.CB&I Lummus Crest Mauritius hereinafter called “EPCM CONTRACTOR”, we Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited, hereinafter called as “OWNER”, are pleased to release this Letter of Intent (LOI) to you, Magnetrol International N.V, hereinafter called as “SELLER”, on the following terms & conditions. The defined terms in this LOI shall have the same meaning as defined in the PURCHASE ORDER (PO) to be issued later, unless otherwise specified.

1.0 Scope of Supply:
1.1 Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection, Testing, Supply of Radar Level Transmitter including necessary documentation and Supply of Commissioning and two years operational spares more elaborately detailed in the Inquiry document.
1.2 The detailed Scope of Supply is enumerated in various sections of the ENQUIRY and subsequent clarifications/ discussions & correspondences.

2.0 Price:
2.1 The Total PURCHASE ORDER price is Euro 36,500/-(Euro Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred Only).Refer Annexure-A attached herewith for detailed Price Schedule.
2.2 Packing and forwarding charges for movement from SELLER’s WORKS to OWNER’s SITE are included in SELLER’s scope. SELLER shall ensure roadworthy packing to enable safe transportation to OWNER’s SITE.
2.3 Transportation charges from SELLER’s WORKS to CHENNAI are Extra at Euro 2300 (Euro Two Thousand Three Hundred Only), OWNER shall decide about transportation at a later date. Transportation from Chennai to OWNER’s SITE are in the scope of OWNER.
2.4 Prices mentioned vide Annexure-A are firm for the entire currency of execution of PURCHASE ORDER, including extension if any and no escalation, whatsoever, on the same shall be payable to SELLER.
2.5 Two years operational spares as per Annexure A shall be supplied by the SELLER at an extra cost of Euro.2312/- (Euro Two Thousand Three Hundred and Twelve Only)

3.0 Taxes & Duties:
3.1 In case of any delay in deliveries attributable to SELLER, any new, additional import duties and tax imposed after the Contractual delivery date shall be to SELLER’s account.

4.0 Price Basis:
4.1 CFR at Chennai Port, as per INCOTERMS 2000.

5.0 Effective Date:
5.1 Effective date of this LOI shall be 26 July 2010

6.0 Delivery Schedule:
6.1 Time is the essence of THIS PURCHASE ORDER. The entire scope of supply shall be completed and despatched (Ex-works) not later than Oct 2010 i.e. 12 weeks from the effective date of LOI.

7.0 Payment Terms:
7.1 Please refer Annexure-B for Payment Terms attached herewith.

8.0 Liquidated Damages (LD):
8.1 The completion schedule stipulated above should be strictly adhered to. However, in the event of any delay in delivering at SITE as per date referred in clause...

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