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Design For Mobile Applications Essay

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Technology is something that keeps on growing and wouldn’t ever stop growing. It has come a long way from how it used to be. Couple years ago the things we had felt so great but it’s as good as the things that are created today. If it weren’t for technology advancing then mobile web and apps wouldn’t be invented. Mobile apps and web is like a savior to the people of the world today, without them it would be impossible to survive.
Mobile web and applications have been around for quite some time. Before mobile apps had games and etc. to them, they were first built for calendars, productivity, weather and emails. However, the users of these products demanded more to them. They wanted more satisfaction than what they already have. After the large amount of demands, companies then added mobile games, GPS, banking apps, magazines and all other fun stuff. Ever since then it just keeps on growing with new things added to them almost. In 2010, the word of the year was app. Mobile web started around 2007 and has been booming ever since. The first smartphone was the IBM Simon and that was in 1992. It included a calendar, address book, fax modem, calculator, notepad, an email app, and simple games. The way that this phone was built you can tell that a lot of business officials use them.
Every app and mobile website is built on user interface. Every great thing has a good and bad effect of it. The problem with user interface is that due to the fact that some websites and apps need large images & etc. for certain types of phones is slows down the internet connection. Now a days, phones are getting bigger & bigger as well as the screens so designers had to change the interface to accommodate these new phones. Also, they must continuously update the processing information so the phone could function properly. Comparing from how the first phones had look then to now, be completely different. Things that were difficult to interface designers then are much easier than the complicated goals that they set for themselves. Due to the fact that phones no longer require keyboards, it takes away from the phone to move a bit faster.
User Interface is supported by RUSE, which is a simple user interface management. RUSE stands for Remote User-Interface Standard Environment. Ruse improves the performance of the applications by running the user interface. Ruse was designed to improve the four major problems of BNU: difficult programming, slow performance transparency of remote execution is hard to maintain, and the small size of the HP 95LX is limiting. Ruse made things easier for interface designers to cope with and it also made it easier for the user as well. BNU applications were built on low quality graphics. When they added widgets it made things easier for developers. The developer...

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