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Design New Webpage For The Body Shop International Plc

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Executive summary
An overview of the project, I was required to take an existing brand and redesign the online webpage for the body shop. The first step in this procedure was the “discover phase”. In this stage I inquired about the organization, what it resembled, the current audience, what it represented for and how it was recognized. The second stage was the “define phase”. In this stage I think up with those image features I would like the organization to symbolize. I also made a few strategies that would attract new target audience to purchase online products. Lastly, brand positioning was also the main things for the e-commerce organization. The third stage was known as the “design ...view middle of the document...

Besides, all other product manufacturing is outsourced. Its missions are to contribute our business to the search of social and environmental change, to significantly contribute to local, national and global society in which they trade, to enthusiastically campaign for the protection of the environment, human and right in civil affairs and against creature testing, and to make fun, passion and care part of our everyday lives (, 2009).

2.0 Products, target audience, positioning
The Body Shop is a values driven, high quality skin and body care retailer famous for making a niche market sector for naturally inspired products. The Body Shop has bringing in a generation of shoppers to the benefits of an extensive variety of bestsellers from Vitamin E Moisture Cream to the Tea Tree Oil range and Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette (EDT). Throughout the years, The Body Shop has turned into a power in the progress of 100% Vegetarian individual care products, propelled by the utilization of natural ingredients with demonstrated benefits, drawing on a variety of cultural knowledge from far and wide. Consequently, consumers will actually experience the Beauty with Heart. The Body Shop products are supported as Cruelty-Free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and they ensure that none of their items are tested on creatures (, 2013). Currently The Body Shop sells bath and body products as well as make up, lotion and hair products at shop. Through The Body Shop online shopping, they offer different sorts on bath and body, fragrance, skin care, make-up and hair care products. It is focus on healthy and natural products for those customers who like to take care of themselves and enjoy using eco-friendly products (, 2014).

Target audience
The Body Shop has a wide range of customers, women and a small portion of men, middle class to upper class, individuals who purchase organic products, and are supporting of many reasons. The Body Shop is mainly targeted on females who are at the aged between 20 to 40 years old which in Generation Y. They are seeking after beauty but they have inadequate knowledge of make-up. The potential users are the first time user of make-up or the existing customers who are utilizing skin care items (Carlson, 2011).

Majority of people will search information about products or service online and access the web to the internet searchers, forums and blogs. The Body Shop utilizing online promotion can achieve a large number of people. It can increase the promotion effectiveness. There are four types of online promotion, internet advertising, marketing public relations, sales promotion offers and direct marketing. The Body Shop offers special discounts for those customers who shop online. For example, 15% off Face Make Up, 20% off Peppermint & Hemp Foot care and 10% off Lip Care. Besides that, they are celebrating...

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