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SummaryIn small businesses/company generally lack support from a corporate IT office. The ideal network for such an organization must be straightforward and easily managed. The network for the small office must allow members of the organization to share information, as well as printers and other peripherals. In the company network, it have 20 computers (20 employees), two network printers (share the printer for each 10 employees), two 24 ports 10/100Mbps switches hubs and one 54Mbps wireless IP Router with 4 ports 10/100Mbps switches, which can be met by a single LAN with two servers, one is a fileserver and another one is web and mail server.The network will divide to two segments with two switches hubs, 10 computers and one network printer in a segment and that two switches hubs, fileserver and web and mail server will connect by the 54Mbps wireless IP Router. The figure will like below:The detail of the network plan will develop by each of the following:- Type of network topology.- The network communications equipment.- Type of computer terminals- Type of printers.- Type of Internet access.- Data storingType of network topologyToday's most common network types include Ethernet, ATM or token ring. Each of these three offers is alternative for supporting a LAN, each with its own costs and performance benefits. However, the our company network will base on Ethernet with 100Base-T speed, because of 100Base-T Ethernet stands as the existing technology and the most inexpensive and flexible option, which is the most appropriate choice for small business network.100Base-T operates at 100Mbps and follows a star topology using unshielded twisted-pair cabling. Star topology is a network architecture that consists of a central hub to which all computers connect. And the main advantage is when disconnect the computer or unplugging the cable from the network, the network would still function.The 100Base-T Ethernet networks are very easy to set up and low cost. Each computer has a dedicated cable that connects its Ethernet card to a port on the hub (both of 100Base-T technology). And 100Base-T must be sufficient for all bandwidth requirements the business might have.However, it would not propose to use the Gigabit Ethernet, because of which emerging fast Ethernet technology still developing in early stage and it is suitable for connections between networks more than for connecting PCs and printers on a LAN. Therefore, Gigabit Ethernet is not suitable for small office networks.The network communication equipmentIt will use two 24 ports 10/100Mbps switches hubs and one 54Mbps wireless IP Router for DSL/Cable Modem with 4 ports 10/100 Mbps switches function to build up the star topology network in the company. The reasons for selecting switches hubs and wireless IP Router are the switches hubs provide higher aggregate data rates than a hub, and it is not much costly compare to hub today's. For monitor the IP for the network, the computer connects switch to each...

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