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Design Paper

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Buildings are being built everywhere today the construction of these building are designed to fit either fit an individual or commercial business. Architectures that design and build these building have many factors when determining what kind of building for each area as the environment is a main factor in this determination. I will be looking at the similarities and differences in Residential and Commercial design along with the Layout of a these buildings.Commercial and Residential designCommercial building is seen as a building using more than 50% of its space for commercial activities. Commercial building such as stores, offices, schools, etc. (McCracken, 2007). Designing a commercial building as stated by Russell Veitch and Daniel Arkkelin in 1995 "When creating space, designers should to be aware of the needs of its intended users" (Veitch & Arkkelin, 1995). with commercial design in an environment the architect will decide on the building design once they consider the "Various aspects of the environment (e.g., site location, building type, design layout) as well as of the user (e.g., patient type, gender, and owner/user) need to be carefully assessed and a match between them sought" (Veitch & Arkkelin).Residential designResidential building is designed to fit a little different lifestyle than commercial with fewer occupants. The residential design looks at the individual use of the building to make sure all accommodation are intended for a family to live. Asking what a person is wanting and needing in a home determines on how the person will use the home. Whether they want spaces for festive gatherings or personal rest. The emotion that a person has for what he or she considers a home. Does the occupant want a feeling of security this would be his or her sanctuary from the world (Fisher, 2007). The home has a meaning to people and how they think about his or her home determines the design and location of the home. Some people will live away from the city to have that separation from the world they work in some want to live in the city to be close to the festive activities. When designing a home how, a person uses the space in the home depends on how many people are living there at the time and how his or her lifestyle can be established, for example, a family might be looking for the future add on such as children. So the kitchen would need to be designed for space to accommodate expecting quest. When designing for a house the designer will use various levels to analysis what the person is wanting (Veitch & Arkkelin). When designing a home one should look at the house as a system with the dynamic elements of the system beginning at the smallest level, for example, The person's room, and through the intermediate levels such as floor plan exterior design and landscaping (Veitch & Arkkelin).Similarities and differences between commercial and residential designCommercial and Residential design have the same principles to use...

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