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Design Procedures In Construction Btec Construction In The Built Environment Assignment

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unit 22a
The educational estate including schools, colleges, universities, training centres and hospitals is a major and important part of our built environment and society, and one that is constantly evolving. Many refurbishment and new built projects are carried out every year, across the range of the estate, from small local authority primary schools to highly technical medical research facilities, all of which have very current legislation, cost and project constraints. Many educational sites include listed and important buildings or are part of sensitive or historically important sites.
My project is an extension to Middlesbrough college, for disabled learning. I have put together a design team to work on my project. The project is a brown field site and has listed and historical buildings, this means I will have to investigate to know the site conditions. It also has TPO's which will have to be considered when planning. The building will have to be suited to its environment and be suited to the students who will use it. The college is doing this to try and expand its student base and diversify.
The scope for this residential extension, is to include the following;
Adjustable lights
Routes around a classroom will be planned to minimise the travel time and to make it easy for students to move around with enough space
Accessible facilities that the students can use on their own including toilets
Sensory stimuli in classrooms using materials and colours
Outdoor space close to the classroom
Specialist classroom accessories such as adjustable desks and chairs.
The people involved in the project vary and they each have specific wants and outcomes from the project.
The students will be involved in the design process to so they can get involved in the new development and feel included. Thinking of this they might help come up with how the building looks.
The staff and head teacher will want a safe high-tech learning environment. The want the best building so the children can learn the best
The council want a new high- tech building to advertise and get more attention on Middlesbrough.
Ofsted will be involved in evaluating the building and how the students are taught.
How the project will be managed
The project manager will be in charge of managing the project. There is a number of documentation that helps manage a project including ghantt charts and project projection lines. The riba plan of work also help managing the project as you can see what to do and what will be coming in the later stages of the project.
Roles required for successful projects
There are different roles and people that come together and make a successful project. They all intertwine and communicate about the project. this is why we need people like project managers who can look after the scheduling and progress of the project. They're different roles that intertwine and work together, for example the interior designer will communicate his ideas and wants to the...

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