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Design Teaching In Portugal Essay

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The Bologna Process was officially launched with the Declaration of Bolonha1 in June 1999. The Bologna Process required a change in the traditional model of education while also affecting the social and cultural characteristics of a territory and population, emphasizing the need and benefit of life long learning. This new model boosts the willingness to reconsider curricula, contents and methods, in a constant pursuit for new knowledge, on each course in general and each subject in particular. Consequently, teachers are encouraged to research and to be more involved in the challenges of academic life, while students are encouraged to a fundamental change in attitude, since this model is equivalent to a worker on a 40 hours a week labor. Presence regime emerges as the preferential assessment in continuous evaluation.Like all scientific areas, also the teaching of design was largely influenced by the paradigm shift resulting from the implementation of the Bologna model.Pedagogy concerns emerging post Bologna, present themselves as new opportunities for reflection on content and academic facilities, and for the reasoning of the role of the teacher in the education program.These concerns are not new, as they emerge repeatedly as you go carrying out reforms and adjustments to a model that is both dynamic and evolutionary.2 The analysis of the paradigm of post Bologna in comparison with what were the structures of the courses before, leads us to note that much has changed. The changes can be divided into three approaches: firstly, the conceptual approach, Bologna argues that the gathering of knowledge is based on the research capacity of the student thus giving so much more importance to programs and syllabus, as they are the special vehicles of study orientation of the student body; secondly we have the structural approach, the courses (mostly) reduced the number of years, annual disciplines have become semestral - this resulted in further reduction of the relative weight of the subjects which are not nuclear - the accreditation of courses intended to be uniform so that it will enable the exchange of students between courses, universities and countries; thirdly, there is a procedural approach, which is reflected mainly in evaluation system, which lead to the increase of the relative importance of continuous evaluation. All these changes destabilized the educational structure, which for good or bad was rooted in academic praxis. This convulsion was and is transversal to all areas of scientific knowledge, however, specific problems inherent to the Portuguese case are important to refer. In this respect we have the problem of obtaining a graduate's degree (instead of bachelor's degree as is in other countries in Europe, but which in Portugal is considered diminishing to students) after only three years of study, as well as the lack of echo that the above mentioned paradigm shift has had in secondary school. Presence requirement is all but abolished in...

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