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Designer Babies Are Just The Beginning

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Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to choose features such as hair and eye color for your children? What about if a child needs an organ transplant but cannot get a donor for the transplant? Designer babies may be able to solve the problems that come along with genetics. They are babies that are genetically engineered in any way to make them different. They can be born in test tubes that are made to give children organs or other things that is more easily obtained from a baby along with taking out bad genes that can cause diseases such as cancer. Designer babies can also be babies that parents choose certain traits for to make the baby how the parents want them or a dream child. ...view middle of the document...

When Jacques Cohen made a baby in the late 90’s an issue came along with it. The crew had to use bits of a different kind of genetic material and that meant that there were three different sources of genetic information. There was a mother, father, and mitochondrial DNA as the different sources for genetic information. The mitochondrial DNA would be transferred to their child when they get older. Explaining what was discussed at a meeting in Europe, Shannon Brownlee said, “the New Jersey researchers reported that one of the children conceived through cytoplasmic transfer has been diagnosed with ‘pervasive development disorder,’ a catch-all term for symptoms that range from mild delays in speech to autism.” When Brownlee said that she meant that one of the babies made in a test tube has been diagnosed with something that shows many symptoms, some of them are not too bad, but others are things such as autism. That is very bad that the extra DNA might be causing things like that but it was only the first test so there should be better results.
The strongest argument against designer babies is, “Should parents be allowed to create their babies since designer babies could potentially irreversibly alter the human species (Steere)? By most people having one hair color or eye color they can make that a recessive. Although it is true that they can irreversibly alter the human species, they can also save many people from dying and from having serious diseases that may cause the person to have surgery or many other very expensive treatments. There are children that are called “savior siblings” which are made in order to aid a sibling who is sick by being a donor (Bonsor). Although it can be viewed as morally wrong it can help some children who are dying. The child’s parents would want to try anything to save their child from dying so many parents in that situation would want to try that. Alice Park was talking about a little girl who needed a transplant from a sibling when she said, “Molly Nash,...

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