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Designer Babies: Creating The First Disease Free Children

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Unethical, strange, something that shouldn’t be pursued and unnatural, is how designer babies have always been regarded. Leaving such a negative tone, these things are usually enough to stop most people from researching further into the subject of designer babies. Because most people judge this book by its cover, it makes this topic instantly wrong and shunned. People don’t know about the positive effects that designer babies could have on the future, and on the families with diseases that can get passed genetically to their children. Instead of seeing the positive they just see the negative, which is hypocritical righteous, not moral and unethical. Designer babies are the next step in the evolution of humans, and its natural process, is being developed day by day through technology and techniques to create designer babies as part of our society.
The term designer babies isn’t a specific real science, instead it is a sub science and specific concentration in the science of genetic engineering. “The term was coined to denote children whose genetic characteristics have been artificially selected or modified to ensure specific intellectual and cosmetic characteristics.” (Introduction to Designer Babies: At Issue) The basic definition of genetic engineering helps explain and give background information on what it is and how it can create designer babies:
Genetic engineering is also known as gene splicing, genetic modification or manipulation (GM), and recombinant DNA technology. All refer to the same concept: the direct manipulation of genes in a laboratory setting. This is done by changing the protein sequence in a gene. A gene is a segment of DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, which carries the genetic instructions inside the millions of cells that make up each living organism. DNA is found in chromosomes, the rod-shaped structures contained within the nuclei of cells. Each chromosome has a set of DNA and proteins. These strands of DNA carry genes—inherited from both parents—that determine the characteristics of an organism. Genetic engineering involves altering those sequences of characteristics to produce an improved version of the organism (Genetic Engineering).
Most scientists that study and try to carry out the designer baby science
genetic engineering, believe in the morals and ethics of this genetic engineering feet. Some even believe that it is the next step in the evolution in our species. Even though many scientists believe this, it doesn’t mean that they can advance as fast as the discoveries and knowledge of creating a designer baby and the effects of such. (Coker) This is because most people regard forms of genetic engineering as wrong and unethical. These people are so blindsided to the truth, and don’t believe change is necessary, this inhibits them from learning more into the positive things and how it can affect our future. Being that most people think this is wrong, governments heavily restrict it, if not banning...

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