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Designer Babies Or Superheroes? Essay

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Will these “posthumans” take over the world? Nicholas Agar and Sarah Ly believe so, relating their findings and beliefs to the movie Gattaca. Gattaca portrays a story based on genetically enhanced people taking over and using normal humans as their servants. Nicholas Agar makes a very strong point when he asks the question, “will genetic enhancement bring this social arrangement to an end, creating societies in which unenhanced people are viewed by their genetic superiors in much the way that we currently view chimpanzees, suitable for drug testing and zoo exhibits but little else?” (Agar 3). Everything we normal humans worked so hard for just swiped away by the “robots” we created.
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Some say designer babies are a way for the parents to live through their child. For us humans, our parents would push us to play a sport or instrument and if we didn’t want to could try something else. Sadly for designer babies, their parents made them to be good at specific things. You cannot keep genetically altering a child to be good at what they want when you the parent made them good at what you want. Children shouldn’t be limited to their skills by genetic engineering.
Hereditary disease can have a heavily negative affect on families. It is a leading cause to why couples decide against having children. Parents do not want to take the chance at having their child infected with the disease so now they have the option of genetic engineering and designer babies. They can finally have the family of their dreams through a procedure that will screen the embryos and only use ones not infected. The infected embryos are then destroyed, virtually killing the life of potential children who seemed to be infected. The whole point of the procedure is to have a healthy baby safe from death yet to get the one “healthy child” you murder multiple other ones. After killing off multiple diseased embryos the procedure still is not 100% effective. The article from HowStuffWorks titled Genetic Engineering says, “the patients immune system sometimes destroys the genetically altered cells,” leaving the couple without any children (Genetic Engineering 2). Their hearts now broken after the procedure failed to provide them with a healthy child and their conscious pounding because they killed off any sick child. Sarah Ly concludes her research saying, “the increased ability to control and manipulate embryos presents many possibilities for improving the health of children through prenatal diagnosis, but these...

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