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Designer Babies The Latest Fad? Essay

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Making a baby boy or a baby girl used to be a hit-or-miss affair: something beautiful and exciting you’d find out at through the science of an ultrasound machine.
So, is science bringing us anything new in this field nowadays? Definitely.
Is it good? That’s a matter of opinion.
What are they calling it? Designer babies.

The wonders of science have brought us to a place where you can pre-determine the traits of your child. If your baby has a high chance of genetic disorders or diseases in the future, scientists are learning to change that before your child is even born. This could lead to a decrease in disorders that would have brought pain to families: Fragile X Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, ...view middle of the document...

For some reason, the second image isn’t quite as beautiful.
And who will be able to afford these designer babies? I’m curious as to what race and colour you saw the expectant parents as when you envisioned what genetic modification might look like. Certainly not an African woman in a simple building, looking for hope where disease and malnourishment have caused her devastating grief in the past. No government or health agency would or could afford to spend millions of dollars changing the DNA of expectant mothers in impoverished countries. So the market for designing children more resistant to infection and free of disease would be delivered to the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouthes. The healthier, more ‘perfect’ strain would belong to the rich, creating a greater divide between them and the poor that goes beyond material wealth and comfort to the very fibers of their make-up.
But I think the ones making the good money will have difficulties of their own. In the West, we pride ourselves on the fact that our empires are built on the value of freedom. Well, my question is this: In the process of creating our ‘perfect children’ through pre-determining their traits and features, are we robbing them of the challenges and joys of learning to love themselves as they would have been naturally? What sort of an attitude will our children have towards us if they knew that we were so distressed by what we saw them becoming that we spent thousands of dollars to change them? The teenage years are a...

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