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With the new technology being created these days, things that people thought couldn’t happen, is happening. Scientists have discovered ways to make babies meet the criteria their parents want. They refer to these as designer babies.
The scientists that are starting to create these designer babies are using special ways to do so. They use in vitro fertilization, or IVF, to invent these designer children. During the process of producing the babies, the eggs are fertilized by sperm in a petri dish, which are then transferred into the woman’s uterus. The scientists finally look at multiple embryos to see which one has that “designer” characteristic. If the embryo meets the qualifications it ...view middle of the document...

There are many cons to this method of creating designer babies. One disadvantage is when a certain gene is cancelled in the offspring, another one could be created. Meaning that it is still possible that someones child would have an even worse disease in their family history now. The child could still possibly suffer. Another is disadvantage is how morally wrong it is. If the process of creating designer babies is overused, the world’s population would be majorly affected. The individuality that exists now could disappear. Also one gender could eventually die out, meaning that the human population could no longer reproduce. The human existence would become extinct rather than an animals. Therefore, the thought and process of designer babies has an abundant amount of problems that comes along with it.
We know that many people have chosen a side regarding this controversial subject, but how is the government involved? There are clinics around our country making money off of people who desire certain traits in their children, but our government barely takes a stand. As far as we know they have no definite opinion, despite the strong arguments of both groups of people over whether or not this is ethical. We believe genetic manipulation should not be allowed period. Even though it would be painful to see a child suffer from an illness, we believe that God should have control over situations and it is not our job to play God and determine things like life, death, or how someone is born. Plus, many embryos are being thrown away, and we should not be allowed to determine life or death in that way. But, we do have a guide to look to when the government finally decides to create a set of rules. In 1991 the U.K’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) decided a set of rules for the touchy subject was needed. For clinics involving any in vitro fertilization or embryo manipulation the HFEA must license the clinics and regulate any research. Regulating their research is referring to limiting the number of embryos that are implanted and prohibiting things like sex selection unless it’s for medical reasons. This makes a lot of...

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