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Designer Babies: Genetic Engineering Essay

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What do one think of when they hear the words “Designer Babies”? A couple designing their own baby of course, and it’s become just that. Technology has made it possible for there to be a way for doctors to modify a babies characteristics and its health. Genetically altering human embryos is morally wrong, and can cause a disservice to the parents and the child its effecting.
For just thousands of dollars more, women going through in vitro fertilization can later choose to have a certain gender with perfect vision, a great heart, a natural ability for sports, and being able to avoid diseases (Angelle). Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis was first inaugurated in 1990. “It has become an important complement to the presently available approaches for prevention of genetic disorders and an established clinical option in reproductive medicine” (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). This has come in handy because it gives you the opportunity to create a baby free of health risks and you are able to freeze your eggs if you miscarry or if something harmful goes wrong with the first egg. Designer babies are created using In Vitro Fertilization. Using this technique, doctors can fertilize the egg with sperm inside the laboratory using a test tube. Doing so you can reduce the chance of the child being born with a genetic disorder and the parents can actually then on choose the sex of the baby. In some cases couples have used PGD to their advantage to save one of their children. Some babies sole purpose is to be created to save the life of their own sibling. Jamie was the first “designer” baby in Britain. “He was genetically matched to his four-year-old brother, Charlie, in the hope to curing a rare type of anaemia which threatens the older boy’s life” (Marsh). Doctors noted that the best chance of Charlie living on past his later years, he would have to have a transplant of blood cells from a sibling sharing the same immune system genes (Marsh). This also relates to the movie “My Sister’s Keeper”. This is one of the better ways to create a child for the benefit of another. Yet this seems like such an innocent act, there have been many procedures that fails to meet the requirements of the parents. In one particular procedure parents sued over PGD gone wrong. They were promised a baby free of their cancer gene and the IVF did not weed out the cancerous cell (Hudson). It was claimed that the staff working with this procedure failed to demeanor properly the genetic screening and to read the results meticulously. “They also are claiming special damages for the cost of bearing and rearing another child who does not carry the mutant gene – and they say they want compensation for emotional pain and upset” (Hudson). Many things can go wrong with such a strenuous course of action.
Being able to genetically modify a baby can be both positive and negative to some people and the society. The positive outlooks of this technology is that you are able to have a healthy,...

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