Designing A Computer Systen Essay

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A.DEFINITION, INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSISDEFINITION-NATURE OF PROBLEM1.0 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANISATIONJurassic company is owned by Mr. Roshan Ramsurn. They have best waterproofing and protective coating solutions for all types of difficult waterproofing situations. From the world's leading suppliers, they bring you the best products. They have solutions for above-grade and below-grade, decks, exterior walls, in-between slabs, foundations, retaining walls, ocean-front walls, basement walls and floors, pool walls, planter boxes, under-tile, shower pans, inside elevated swimming pools, underwater repairs, waterfalls, tunnels, highway bridges, occupied under-mall area, potable water storage facilities, and chemically resistant waterproofing system.Jurassic waterproofing company was founded on the 21st June 2002. The Company was incorporated as a private limited company limited by shares. Mr. Roshan Ramsurn who owns the business is the only owner. He may have about forty to fifty persons working together. There are carpenters, masons, electrician, helpers, and foreman. There are many other workers who work with him. The job starts as from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. When we have an appointment or an engagement with a client the foreman records the date, time, materials needed, telephone number and other important information in a diary where all recordings about the job is kept..With an increase in the daily transactions, the owner is finding it very difficult to use the manual existing system. There are lots of problems in the company therefore he is planning...

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1973 words - 8 pages amount of pressure on computer engineers to finish their products as quickly as possible since the computer industry is extremely competitive. When a computer engineer is designing a piece of hardware or software, it's more likely than not that a rival company is also developing a similar product. The difference between success and failure can be in the timing of when your product reaches the market. I find this to be a positive characteristic

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1293 words - 6 pages software. The ability of learning new things quickly helped me a lot in college. I started designing photos for my friends for various occasions, started designing visiting cards, developing web templates. I also actively took part in college activities like tech fest, intercollege competitions. I was selected as head of designing team for organizing an intercollege competition. I had to create a computer network inside college where we can make

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631 words - 3 pages projects they perform depends on the company they work for and the size of the IT department, although the role they perform still involves creating and designing software. Software Engineers work in well lit offices and very comfortable working conditions. Most software engineers work forty hours a week, sometimes through the evening and on the weekends to meet project deadlines. Due to spending much of the day looking at a computer screen

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1667 words - 7 pages "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." As Arthur C. Clark, a British inventor, puts it, technology has been constantly improving and the latest advancements have become astonishingly powerful. Computer hardware engineering is the designing, building, and testing of computer hardware and computer systems. Computer hardware engineers acquire a persistent and detail- oriented nature. Through their work, computer

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2205 words - 9 pages with high salaries for graduates who just finished their senior year of college (“Electrical” para. 6). Daniel Davison (professor electrical and computer engineering) and computer hardware designer Erica Kwizak's think that if you want to work at Intel designing the latest microprocessor they would want bachelor-type employees or someone high like a master or a PhD (“Computer”...What’s para. 21). Phil Mlsna (computer hardware designer, professor

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877 words - 4 pages motherboard, video card, and memory to support your daily gaming activities. Even with the new games coming out almost three times a year and forcing the consumer to upgrade their systems to support the latest graphics, it is still cheaper to buy individual parts than having to buy a completely new system as you would with a Mac computer. Mac computers are also geared more towards the designing aspect of the consumer. Although Mac systems can be used for

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842 words - 3 pages languages like C and C++ is essential (D.O.T.). Algebra and geometry skills are a must for designing. Programmers also need to have a strong background in computers, math, and physics to be successful in programming 3-D design elements that give the game a realistic look (Computer Game Designer). A solid background in English and literature will help with the plot and the story line of the game. The most successful in the computer game industry

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961 words - 4 pages looks. It is also extremely helpful in the designing process of an item, building, etc ("Computer-aided Design."). CADD is essential to some choice occupations. Most occupations have the possibility to use CADD in the process of making goods. Whether it be from designing an item or getting a better three-deminsional view of a product. Architecture is an example of an occupation that uses CADD. Architects use CADD in a way that helps an architect

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967 words - 4 pages Problem Based Learning as an Effective Tool for Teaching Computer Network Design Overview : In this paper we discussed about challenges that are faced in teaching computer network design using problem based learning as an effective tool. Here we discussed, where it has been introduced first and the techniques that are used in teaching computer network design. A two threaded approach is used

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914 words - 4 pages endless number of other areas. Scientists have to develop new programs and methods of repair for these computers (Development). Charles Babbage developed the theory for the first computer in 1830. He called it an analytical engine. He designed it to perform many kinds of calculations. However, he never built it before he died. Another developer of the computer was Herman Hollerith. He designed a machine to calculate the 1890 census. Finally, in the

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1205 words - 5 pages stuff like web design, graphics, flash, HTML, games, music, programming etc, etc, etc. Along with the fact that Melanie and Myself are both school students as well as Christian doing Uni so all of us would also use the computer for essays and school work. Using so many programs at one time would require a very fast computer and this is the case when I am designing web pages and similar stuff, I need a very fast computer and one with plenty of memory

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