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Designing An Application To Replace The Current Manual Record Keeping System For Terry's Turkeys

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Designing an Application to Replace the Current Manual Record-Keeping System for Terry's Turkeys

I have been asked to design/ create an application, either programmed
or using a relational database or using a combination of both, to
replace the current manual record-keeping system for a company called
Terry’s Turkeys; a small farm which supplies fresh, home-grown turkeys
at Christmas. Initially, at least, there will be only one standalone
workstation with a printer attached. This is to be kept locked in the
farm office.

There are a number of methods of developing the new system.

1. Manual system. Improve the system that Terry uses at present;
however this would be very tedious as invoices have to be word
processed, printed and then kept in a folder for future reference.

2. Spreadsheet system. This would allow Terry to keep details of
customers, turkeys and orders on separate sheets. The calculation
of invoices would be made easier to some degree. However, it would
take a long time to enter data and is less user friendly. Also the
format of reports is much harder in Excel.

3. A purposely designed system. Written using a ‘high’ language such
as Pascal. This would obviously have a lot of advantages as the
system would cater for every aspect of Terry’s activities; because
it’s been specifically designed for the task. However the cost of
this kind of package is very high and Terry would spend a lot, if
not all of the farms profits. Also it takes a long time to code
some areas whereas in Access they are easily done in tables.

4. Access database. The new system can be developed using Access,
making a relational database with different tables storing the
customer, turkey and order details.

For this project a relational database (Access) will be used. This
package is suitable as it has many features which can be used in
developing the system, such as:

* The ability to link tables via a primary key and foreign key;

* The ability to set a password to prevent unauthorised access and
to protect customer details.

* Facilities which allow the creation of reports which can be
formatted as required (labels), and previewed before printing.

* The ability to create a menu by using the “switchboard” function.

* Access can perform advanced queries.

* Access can make forms to insert data.

* Access is very user friendly.

* It has a query language, which means it can perform advanced

* You can hide certain forms out of view.

* Access can have relational tables, which are linked together. This
avoids repetition in entering in data as more than one department
of the system can share one bit of data.

The database could eventually be extended into an...

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